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Forums > Living in Kunming > Moving to Kunming without a job

I don't get how someone living here can say that coming on a tourist visa to look for a job and change your visa after is the only way to do it in China, while it's barely legal.

If you are qualified enough, you can find a job from your own country and get your working visa done before arriving in China. This is the legal and normal way to do it.

However it might be a little difficult to do it, so yes, you can come first with a tourist or a business visa, look for a job and change your visa after. But if you tell to the immigration when you arrive that you come here as a tourist to look for a job, I highly doubt they will give you a warm smile and tell you "welcome to China".

This way of doing is in the grey zone, you'd better not talk too much about it when you come here until your situation is settled down.

Forums > Living in Kunming > TESOL certificate question

And now you can do CELTA or Trintiy TESOL online, and I doubt it won't be accepted. The University of Toronto is doing and online program too which is quite serious and recognized.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dating, Burger King, Complainers, and a Kite

I have no idea where to buy this, because you know, I am busy working here and when I don't work I am busy bitching about China with my miserable friends.
But this thread (the title and first post) seriously gave me a good laugh, totally made my day ;)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Why do miserable foreigners remain in China?

@mmkunmingteacher : most of us are fully aware you have a great time here since you are always the first one to back up any Chinese habits on this forum. As well, you often leave comments like : "you should remember we are the guests of China and so we should follow their path".
I strongly disagree with you on that point. Yes, as immigrants we have to respect the laws and not try to impose our culture. I think bitching about China between foreigners don't harm any Chinese person and we are not imposing anything...

But when I got ripped off at the market or by a taxi driver only because I am a foreigner, I am not willing to take it with a big smile thinking "Oh yes I am just a guest of China, it's OK for me to take all the shit".

As someone else said on this thread, a very small percentage of the Chinese abroad are integrated in their new country. Most of them stay in their community, don't talk anything else than mandarin even after years of living there, eat only Chinese food and don't mix with the locals. I have seen that in France and in Canada, and I have never think that was wrong. This is quite normal actually.
So why can't us foreigners do that here ?

As well, of course you can learn tea ceremony and that kind of thing here, but this is not something common, I mean it's not on their every day life anymore. A small portion of the population has some knowledge, but what about all the others ?

I had conversations about this topic with few Chinese, very well educated and experts in traditional Chinese culture. They were the first one to tell me that sadly the culture is dead in mainland, and to find the real Chinese culture you have to go to Taiwan. The same people are equally sad that their fellow acting so rudely in the street. One scholar told me the other day that the real Chinese culture is now in Japan and Taiwan. The Chinese people used to be as polite as the Japanese, this was the way to behave here, but Mao ruined everything. Another of my friend, very well educated young woman is ashamed for not knowing anything about traditional stuff. All her education was focused on getting a good job and getting later on a good husband. She is trying to make it now, but when you see that rich people are clueless about how to serve tea properly, how can you tell me that the culture is not dying ?
So my point was that you can learn as much about the traditional culture abroad than in the country itself which is quite weird. If you go to Japan, you will get their culture in your face 10 times a day, same in Korea. But here no, you really have to look for it and can find only a few people able to teach you anything. And often the experts here are not better than the ones abroad. The educated people run away from China during the cultural revolution, they are settled down in Tw or in western countries now.

You should realize that you are strongly biased about China, you are totally in your honeymoon with this country. It's fine and I am happy for you, but you should understand as well that this cannot be the case for all of us here.


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The food is really good, went there with 3 friends, all of us ordered different things and all of us were amazed by the food quality.

However, there is a huge problem with Silver Spoon: it's never open!

How those guys can do business? I have tried to go back there many times (I work in the area), ever the restaurant was closed (their closing day is Monday, but they are closed on Tuesday, Wednesday...) or they are open but nobody works at the kitchen so they can't do food.
You really wonder if there is someone managing this place. I feel like the staff open and/or work only when they want to.


Been there many times for bkfst, lunch or dinner. The food is good, the pasta are specially awesome, but as someone else said, avoid the pizza.
The service is usually good and the staff nice, however my friends and I were extremely disappointed by the staff's attitude the last time we went.

Prague cafe usually serves until late (9pm) and close late as well (11 pm or later). We went there for my birthday, it took forever to get served (we waited for one hour for some of the dishes, nobody was served at the same time so we had to eat separately) while the restaurant wasn't busy at all, But the worst was that the waiters literally kicked us out at 9:30pm in a quite rude way.
We were extremely surprised since it doesn't close that early usually, so we went for a last drink to Oreilly's instead. Few minutes later, the whole staff from Prague cafe went to Oreilly's as well for a get-together.

This is really unprofessional, if the restaurant was really closing sooner on that day, they should have told us from the beginning instead of kicking us out that way. I supposed the managers were not here that night, so the staff decided to close earlier for partying. Unreal.


I've heard this place was open 24h, can someone confirm ?
As well, is there any bus going directly there ?


Yes it's not around Wenlin Jie, it's downtown near Nanping jie, and it's definitely called 57.