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Baker and pastry chef coming to kunming

Maxchina (26 posts) • 0

Hi every body and thanks you to welcome me here.

I am coming to kunming for work. I am a baker and pastry chef from Switzerland had working in France Australia thailand and china.

As every body know most of the cake shop in china provide the same quality of cake and bread.

I would like to know what kind of product do you miss the most? Any kind of bread sandwich cake and so on do you miss? Maybe French croissant? Or good quality of sandwich?

I never been to kunming but in many place in china. So I don't know if already have all that kind of product there ?

All information or desire are welcome!

I am going to try make also organic product with high quality and taste.

Thanks to anybody

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Croissants! They are a poor imitation here...

Really good French bread is pretty hard to get here too. The French Cafe does it passably, but not wonderfully. If you are good, you could easily corner the bread market :)

I also miss dense (but not German dense) smaller bread. We have a brand called "Vogels" in New Zealand which is a smallish dense loaf. Though Germans probably miss their bread too as its hard (impossible?) to buy fresh here.

Note that I believe cooking at this altitude and in the dry air makes baking here a challenge (and the storing of bread before the customer buys too probably).

Maxchina (26 posts) • 0

Sometime is the most easy thing bring you the most pleasure ;)

Something like a sourdough loaf with taste of bread and not the taste of vegetable fat they use is most of the company for keep the bread longer in the shop.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Really good croissants would be a real addition.
Personally I think the multi-grain bread, unsliced, from the Wicker Basket is excellent, but I've never tried to make sandwiches with it - I just cut off big think pieces & put honey & peanut butter on it.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

Careful. The peanut butter police might be reading this. Sourdough baguettes are my favorite.

Are you aware that Carrefour sells bread for 2.5 yuan a baguette? It's crappy bread, but it's still your competition...

Hcamez (39 posts) • 0

meat pies would make me very happy, but anything savoury would be great. also, as people have mentioned, some good sliceable loaves of bread would be great.

blue. (170 posts) • 0

Hi Max,
if you need a real living sour dough, let me know. Mine has 2 years, pretty good.

Maxchina (26 posts) • 0

First thanks every body for yours answer!

As I generally saw in china true croissant, viennoiserie in French for who know it and sourdough bread are missing. I will do my best for make your wish become true ;)

I don't know what flour I will find now in kunming but I am not really scare about that. After had working in Thailand on a small island. I will make my own mix if necessary.

One of the problem I had in Thailand was the humidity which make the baguette soft very quickly so as blobbles say about the dry air that can help keep them crispy.

I focus on fresh product with good taste. The problem I met when I was in Changsha is they start to work at 10 am then impossible to make fresh bread every day but they bake it for the next day. I don't agree with that and will do my best for don't follow this working schedule.

Now every where on the world and for most of product supermarket are in the competition but as long as we get customer want quality more than cheapest price I will do this job and I will get customers!

It was one of my idea to see how Chinese customer like meet pie like in Australia. We will see. Without introduce it to them. We won't know what they think about it.

Blue I would like to speak with you by private message about your sour dough but I will start my own one like I did in my precedent working place. Some baker secret ;)

Thanks to every body. When every thing will be starting I will introduce the company to you and told you where you can find all these product. But I have to find supplier and make try before any product can go to the shop.

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