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Forums > Food & Drink > Yak Cheese

There are a few Tibetan restaurants that might sell you some, never tried myself though.

You can search Tibetan in the listings.

Otherwise the best I recommend for sure is Geza Gold, produced by a Yak Cheese NGO sort of co-op in Shangri-La.

It's available all over the old town up there, but I believe Flying Tigers Cafe also now sells products including the cheese on their website and will ship within China.

In Kunming ordering from them is probably your best bet.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Yunda ready to move

Yunda already moved a vast majority of their undergrads to Chenggong years ago like the other campuses. Their international programs and students along with research centers and grad programs have until now remained on the old campus. Would be a huge change if they moved the international programs as well...

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kayaking on Nujiang

Try the Chinese website. It's actually up to date and has some other email addresses like along with a booking inquiry form. Like I said, more and more of their clientele are Chinese these days so that's the webpage they keep updated I think.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kayaking on Nujiang

Last Descents still has active trips on the Nujiang for sure but I think they have been catering more to Chinese clients as of late, which is why the website is out of date. Great company and people though so contact them directly for sure as Dan recommended.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > organic farms?

Salvador's weekly organic vegetable delivery which we have used for a long time when we are in Kunming does not come from Haobao but another farm in the same area that Colin has set up the program with. They used to use Haobao but he explained switched because they were raising their prices too high. The farm they use now is I believe the same one that grows all of their organic roma tomatoes. If you'd like more info on the farm itself I'd suggest stopping by Sal's and inquiring.


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Great article but there is a location inaccuracy. Benzilan is not in Sichuan but rather still in Yunnan just across the Jinsha River from Sichuan. The town on the Sichuan side is Derong.

No worries, its original pre-fire incarnation was my watering hole for many years along with the new one, so I'm a bit nostalgic over that place and what Jason and Joel have going now. I can say for sure that last year over the summer there seemed to be a general rumor across the tourism circuit in Yunnan in places like Dali and Lijiang where everyone was being told that Shangri-La was indeed completely burned down and not to go there. This is what many tourists who did actually come up would say people in other towns had told them. It's too bad these rumors seem to still be persisting; it didn't all burn down and now the reconstruction is essentially finished. The cold in the winter has always kept it a seasonal place though, everything shuts down in the winter. Which is why I've always liked the town so much because it always maintains a quaint atmosphere that Lijiang and Dali don't really have anymore.


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