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I have just returned from Shanghai where, in a decent, genuine, Indian restaurant, the manager told of his interest in opening a restaurant in Kunming. Being a foreigner, he would need a Chinese investor for a joint venture. If you know of an interested party, please let me know.


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Interview: Bunny

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Hi Bunny; Let me be the first to tell you that your art is fantastic.

It is interesting to note that, "The group will be traveling on the R3E highway that runs 1,807 kilometers and completed a highway link between Kunming and Bangkok via northern Laos when it was finished in 2008."

Then, states, "The group departed yesterday from Chiang Rai and crossed the Mekong River by ferry to Houey Xay, Laos. Their itinerary then calls for them to travel by bus from Houey Xay to Luang Nam Tha in far northern Laos before driving by car to Jinghong in Yunnan and flying to Kunming."

Is there a R3E highway, or are we being subjected to propaganda?



This restaurant is totally overwhelmed whenever the 4th floor is opened ... especially at weekends.

The kitchen is too small, and the kitchen staff too inexperienced. As others have said, it isn't difficult to learn that an 'appetizer' is a 'starter' and should be served before the main course.

To explain that the kitchen is "Too busy" should mean. 'CLOSE THE TOP FLOOR!'

The owner must recruit more staff from India, and spend more time at the restaurant (He hasn't been here here for three months).


'American' breakfast with Yunnan tea ... No thank you!
I yearn for fresh bread somewhere.


I am considering a visit to Kunming soon.
This information confuses me. There is another hotel on the opposite side of the street (opposite the university's West Gate) that is also called (as far as I remember) Yunnan University Hotel.
It is much less expensive.
Hotel reviews are much needed.