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Kunming pursuing closer ties with Nepal

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3001deepening relationship#http://www.atimes.com/atimes/South_Asia/KC17Df03.html# with China.

Kunming signed an agreement last week to become a sister city of Pokhara, Nepal's third largest city, according to a report in a Nepalese national newspaper, Republica.

The news appeared as part of an interview with Dr Liu Guang, an envoy of the Kunming government who travelled to Nepal for the ceremony commemorating the agreement. In response to several questions about the future relationship between the new sister cities, Liu offered some insightful answers about the role he sees for Kunming.

Aside from noting that Kunming has the potential to send hundreds of tourists to Nepal every month, Liu also mentioned that Kunming would like to help Pokhara formulate a development master plan. He further added, "we are exploring the possibility of helping Nepal in railways, road, education, health and industrial sectors."

On the heels of last week's visit, China Eastern Airlines also officially announced yesterday that it will resume direct flights to Kathmandu on January 11. The flights, with a duration of roughly two and a half hours, will make a round trip from Kunming to Kathmandu every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

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Paraglide Yunnan will be going to Nepal in the first weeks of March 2011. Paraglide Yunnan has a sister club in Pokhara.

for details contact Mike, mike4g_air@yahoo.ca

No paraglider experience is required, just healthy.


what do u mean by that ?i recently just went there trekking,

Of course, there are two sides to this story. Communication and development and, closely related, politics.
Once again China spreads its tentacles, looking for an area with Tibetan links and a good defensive buffer against India. It saturates the country with Chinese and when the Nepalese revolt against this intrusion the Chinese will send the PLA to protect its citizens.
An old Soviet trick.


Bernie, what have you been smoking, sir? Chinese are going to flood into Nepal? Is this as opposed to India's tentacles which are already prominent in Nepal? The PLA is going to protect its citizens from the Nepalese? Maybe back when the Gurkhas invaded Tibet in the 19th century, but not today my friend. Nepal, being pragmatic, will gladly take any development aid that it can from its northern neighbour as well as its southern one.

Ernie; I would agree with you if, as you say, "Chinese are going to flood into Nepal?" I certainly agree that, today, Nepal may be pragmatic and accept aid from who ever cares to offer it.
But my suggestion is that this proven theory of a decades-long integration will be realized by the Nepalese only when it is too late.
I am surprised (if I understand you correctly) that you are unaware of the patience of the CCP when seen in their relationships with Tibet, Mongolia, Korea (and believe me when I assure you that the CCP believes Korea to be one country) Hong Kong and Macao, and Taiwan, et al (yes, et al).
Compared to China, I find it very difficult to describe India as a country with tentacles.

"Okay, APART from railways, road, education, health and industrial sectors,, WHAT have the Romans ever done for us?"

... and pizza?

Nepal is friendly to China for the same reason we laowai are in China....$$!!..

Nepal is envious of the infrastructure growth enjoyed by Tibet..

China is going to help Nepal develop its education system and industrial sector? Oh dear.

I completely agree with @mike4g_air about the reason for Nepal's interest in China, tourist $ and infrastructure aid. Your post reminded me of one fairly frequent comment we get from our clients "Was nice but there are too many Chinese people there" Mind similar comments are heard from foreigners after their trips to the more touristy parts of China.

Full disclosure, Dragon Expeditions are a Chengdu based company which does a lot of business running trips to Nepal for Chinese clients.

Hello Apple.

Paraglide Yunnan's instructor is Michel Fougere in Kunming.
Paraglide Yunnan has a sister club in Pokahra.

I, Michel Fougere is also an instructor for tandem paragliding flights at Mountain Hawk Aerosports Club in Pokhara.

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