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I completely agree with @mike4g_air about the reason for Nepal's interest in China, tourist $ and infrastructure aid. Your post reminded me of one fairly frequent comment we get from our clients "Was nice but there are too many Chinese people there" Mind similar comments are heard from foreigners after their trips to the more touristy parts of China.

Full disclosure, Dragon Expeditions are a Chengdu based company which does a lot of business running trips to Nepal for Chinese clients.



I stay here quite a lot because it's the nearest reasonably clean hotel to Chaotianmen bus station. Similar standard to 7 Days Inn and the like. Won't hold a room after 9pm but rarely full.

Address is correct I think and would certainly be close enough for a taxi but it's actually up the hill at the South end of the street, not exactly where it's marked on the map.


I came across this review by accident on the gochengdoo site (convenient having just come back from Lijiang but no idea why it's showing up here though) and would completely agree. I've passed through Lijiang three times this past couple of weeks and didn't actually bother eating anywhere else. Beer for 8 yuan was the cheapest we found in the old town and the breakfasts were great. Coffee a fraction the price of the place down the street while we were waiting for them to open. Menu could be a little larger perhaps, and I'd love longer opening hours in both directions but neither are really complaints.