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GoKunming Year of the Rabbit Holiday Preview

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Longtime GoKunmingers will tell you that there didn't used to be a lot to do in Kunming over Spring Festival other than cook at home and watch kitschy holiday specials on CCTV.

Thankfully, the situation has improved in recent years and it is now possible to get Chinese or Western restaurant food throughout the February 2 to 8 official holiday period.

Below is a list of venues that will be open, as well as closing dates for places that are taking a break. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list and we encourage our readers to leave a comment or contact us with more tips for the holiday.

Also, see below for events starting Friday, January 28.

A special thanks to Bunny for the above illustration welcoming the Year of the Rabbit.

Open for Business:
Chapter One will stay open over Spring Festival, but will open at 5pm from January 30 to February 20.

Guozilou on Wenhua Xiang will be open and serving up Yunnan and Sichuan chaocai every day during Chunjie.

The Hump Bar will be open for the duration.

Haobao Organic Farm will be open as usual for dining and overnight stays.

The Kunming Municipal Athletic Center Squash Hall will be open throughout Spring Festival for any GoKunmingers who are looking for some exercise or to take out some holiday-induced stress.

My Favor Restaurant will maintain its normal hours of 8:30am to 1am throughout the holiday.

Xinjiang Tianshan Muslim Restaurant on Baiyun Lu will be 24 hours a day throughout the Spring Festival period.

Taking a Break
As You Like will be closed from January 31 through February 7.

The Box will be closed from February 2 through 5.

Chicago Coffee will be closed February 1 through 8 and will have amended hours of 10am to 8pm from January 24 through 31 and February 9 through 13.

Ganesh will be closed from February 1 through 9.

Lazy Bones Restaurant and Lazy Bones Delivery Service will be closed from January 30 through February 10th.

Moondog will be closed February 2 and 3.

Pizza da Rocco will be closed February 1 through 7.

Prague Café's locations on Wenlin Jie and the Beichen Walkway will be closed from February 1 through 8.

Salvador's will be closed February 1 through 7.

Samoana will be closed January 31 through February 11

Sandra's will be closed from January 31 through February 6.

Slice of Heaven will take one day off, February 3, but be open during the rest of the holiday.

Holiday Events

Friday, January 28:
TCG Nordica will have a free Spring Festival party at 6pm with traditional Chinese games, activities and food.

Over at Laowo Bar they'll be celebrating with a free pre-holiday party with DJs Nina and Xiaolong starting at 9pm.

At Music Cube Bar in the northeast, DJ Yan will throw a techno party starting at 9pm.

DJ Peanut Butter will play a smooth and crunchy mix at The Hump Bar starting at 9pm.

The Great Apes Trio will play 1895 Bar starting at 10pm with specials on Jim Beam: shots for 10 yuan and bottles for 190 yuan.

At 1896 Bar, Roberto will play Mediterranean-tinged covers for free starting at 10pm, with Valentin's beer for 18 yuan.

Saturday, January 29:
Sandra's will have a vegetarian (but not vegan) dinner with four courses. Call 15825267010 for reservations or more info.

Lazy Bones will have a New Years party with free pizza from 8pm 'til they run out of dough. Champagne rum punch and Australian beer will be 15 yuan.

At 1895 Bar Joost plays a free acoustic set at 10pm with Valentins's beer for 18 yuan per can.

The Great Apes trio will play 1896 Bar for free at 10pm with Jim Beam 10 yuan per shot or 190 yuan per bottle.

Sunday, January 30:
The Box will have an all-day Spring Festival party with cocktail pitchers for 88 yuan, Beerlao pitchers for 28 yuan and Dali beer 8 yuan.

Slice of Heaven will do the usual Sunday roast: call Barbara at 15331761441 to reserve.

Wednesday, February 2
Chapter One will celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with free dumplings from 6:30 to 8pm, as well as the opportunity to show up early and learn how to make dumplings yourself.

Down at The Hump Bar, Jeff will be playing an eclectic mix starting at 10pm and there will be free dumplings, hamburgers and salad, plus 10 yuan bottles of Tsingtao.

Friday, February 4
Moondog will hold a foosball competition with live music and imported beer for the champion. The competition starts at 9:30pm.

DJ Lao Chris will DJ at The Hump Bar starting at 10pm. The theme is remix clicks & beeps and tequila shots will be 10 yuan.

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Ouch. Seems like the Beichen area will be shut down for a while. The Wicker Basket in the North is closing as well. Anyone got info on the Silver Spoon?

I dont know about the Silver Spoon, but the Prague Cafe in Beichen is also closed between 31.1. and 7.2.

And if I could read I would have seen it was mentioned already....


The Summer Lotus Restaurant and the Book Exchange Bookstore will be closed from January 30 to February 7.

Just updated to add Slice of Heaven and Lazy Bones. Slice of Heaven is only closed on Feb 3, so it's another Western option for most of the holiday.

Can't swear to it, but I heard Vintage Cafe will stay open.

Dan; thanks for introducing Bunny's art to us ... beautiful.

there is a new bar in the kundu area called moondog we are closed the 2 and 3 of feb.4 feb we have a table soccer compatition beer for the winner with live music from joost open every night from 8 o clock

As You Like reopens on 8th Feb

Cacaja closed 2nd and 3rd

French Cafe closed 2nd

Paul's Store closed 3rd through 6th inclusive

Corrected As You Like from reopening on the 9th to the 8th, thanks 刺猬. I also just noticed Mandarin Books will stay open throughout.

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