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Forums > Living in Kunming > sinterklaas at moondog

if your are not dutch you maybe don,t know sinterklaas,santa claus and sinterklaas are similair to each other but in holland sinterklaas is more important and we celebrate it on dec 5.Moondog wants to celebrate sinterklaas on sunday dec 4 everybody is welcome and our plan is that everybody buys a present for 20 kuai.than all the names goes in a by one we pick a name out of the bucket and that person will give his precent to you think this is a good plan and who wants to come?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Attention palease foreigners!!!about part-time salary in kunming

we are talking about 2 different persons Jasmine is 1 person and tintin,weilia and lia is another person.i am playing monkeyshows for the last 2 years with an average of 2 every week and i never had any problem with any of this people.get paid the same day or dont do it.700 kaui in kunming,1000 outside of kunming ive they are very short shows we can talk about the fucking around and get your shit together and we all live in peace

Forums > Living in Kunming > Is aborting girls really still so common?

all my chinees friends tell me they want a girl,because having a boy means that when he,s getting married you have to buy him a house and give money for a wedding ring (15000 kuai)so to secure the family fortune its better to have a girl.


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there is a new bar in the kundu area called moondog we are closed the 2 and 3 of feb.4 feb we have a table soccer compatition beer for the winner with live music from joost open every night from 8 o clock



moondog will sell our yellow valley cheese with special discount on the inhale/exhale festival 1 wheel(400 gr) original flavour will be sold for 55 kuai the other flavours italian spice,cumin,heb the province

and the onion/garlic will be sold for 60 yuan a wheel come and try the best cheese in kunming