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sinterklaas at moondog

moondog (15 posts) • 0

if your are not dutch you maybe don,t know sinterklaas,santa claus and sinterklaas are similair to each other but in holland sinterklaas is more important and we celebrate it on dec 5.Moondog wants to celebrate sinterklaas on sunday dec 4 everybody is welcome and our plan is that everybody buys a present for 20 kuai.than all the names goes in a by one we pick a name out of the bucket and that person will give his precent to you think this is a good plan and who wants to come?

sinky (2 posts) • 0

SINTERKLASS, my old friend. I will come! no fucking scotch on the rocks, they suck. I only come to hear yost! yost and only yost. but maybe we can play ;)

Go santa clause. I mean sinterklass.

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