Commercial and art complex inside of cluster of disused industrial buildings. Located off Xuefu Lu 30 meters up Jindingshan Bei Lu at the end nearest to the intersection of Kunrui Lu and Kunsha Lu and Huangtu Po.

By bus from the Cuihu area take bus line 1 to the Jindingyuan (金鼎园) stop and continue onward another 100 or so meters to the mouth of Jindingshan Bei Lu on the right side. The Loft is just up the hill.

The Jindingyuan bus stop can also be reached on lines 83, 70 and146.

地点: 昆瑞路+昆沙路交叉路口,学府路氧气厂路口上行30

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  • NameLoft Jinding 1919
  • Address24 Jindingshan Bei Lu, Kunming
Added by Dan Siekman,
Loft Jinding 1919 • 24 Jindingshan Bei Lu

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I wanted to express my sincerest thanks to all of those people who organized, managed, and produced the great event at Loft Jinding 1919 on Saturday.

These types of events demand a great deal of planning and foresight.
There is no possible way that I can mention everyone.

Big thanks to Gabe and Vathsan for organizing and cleaning the warehouse--what a great venue for such a wonderful event.

To all of the artists, vendors, and musicians, I appreciate all of the hard work and dedication you have shown time and time again to the cultural side of Kunming.

Chirs did a great job on the his book presentation--although the acoustics need some improvement, it was good none the less.

To Elliot and all the gang at Lazy Bone, thanks for the food and beverages--always a welcomed site at such an event.
If I missed anyone, I am so sorry.
Personally, I love these types of events--they show the best side of what Kunming has to offer.

I hope, in the future, more people come out on such a glorious day to enjoy friends, arts, music, crafts, and just a great time.
Again, my sincerest thanks to all, Tom


Great space for day-time events and large exhibitions... Off the wall was seen there earlier. The Inhale festival of tomorrow should prove another great event in an area that has the potential to grow into a great art and nightlife district.


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