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Attention palease foreigners!!!about part-time salary in kunming

beatrice (3 posts) • 0

i have to say some bad things about bad agent in Kunming
im Italy girl,i worked for a modeling agent somedays ago,she is women 30-40year old,i work 6hour,she promised pay me 400RMB after 3days later,but 5days gone,she did not pay me,so i calle her,at first,she did not answer my phone.yesterday i called her again and again,then she met me and she said my working is good enough,so she just pay me 300RMB,im rally angry about this,i can not believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think a lot of foreigner have same experience with me.most agents in kunming is bad,they took a lot of money from us,i have a good friend,she is agent too,but she is really very nice kind and respect the foreigners,her paying is not bad,she tell me the salary level in kunming
so now i tell everyone
i do not want to the bad agents lie to us,
now i want to say the salary about modeling,waitress 's salary
work in kunming
if only one hours job,the pay at least 300RMB
if work2h,at least400or 500RMB
if work3h,at least 500or600rnb
if work for all day,at least 900or1000

work out of kunming,depend the travelling time
at least 1000/day,if this palce is not far away
if the traveling time more then 5hours,they have to pay1200R-1400MB/day at least
this is my agent friend told me the truth salary we should get
so foreigners,wake up,do not be cheated by the bad agent

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

I've found that using my bare hands to strangle someone who cheats on contracts or knowingly frauds my money usually works out pretty well - and even if they don't pay up - for some reason I'm just not that stressed out - in fact, now I look forwards to those sessions...very cathartic.

@beatrice - thanks for the "inside" info on going rates - at least for foreign looking female models.

EnglishTeacher (101 posts) • 0

@beatrice- I think you need to gave us more details. Her name, her picture so we know how she looks and what agency she works for or works under. Thanks for telling us anyway. It good to know.

beatrice (3 posts) • 0

actually i do not really want to make her info public,even she is really bad but i do not want to hurt her.and i asked some foreigners who stay in kunming long time,they tell me some bad agents...
anyway,the point is i should tell you guys the low salary about actor actress,modeling job,waitress job .i do not want the other foreigner like me.

EnglishTeacher (101 posts) • 0

@beatrice- You are not helping ANYONE!!!! If you say that there is are 'girl' that is ripping me of in Kunming, you might as will not have posted anything. Without specifics other potential clients will be ripped off to.

Hella (5 posts) • 0

If you think "Jasmine" is bad then you should definetly stay away from "Leah". She changes her english names sometimes to avoid her reputation catching up to her. She actually also even goes by "Jasmine" and various Chinese names! She owes my old band 2,000rmb and also failed to pay a friend's band the same amount. Her phone# is 13987135400. Beatrice is a little silly because she doesn't really want to expose her dishonest agent!!! Why protect these cheaters?!? Turn the other cheek?!? If you all have no problem working for these liars and scoundrels; Go For It! I personally would like to see these dishonest people put out of business...One agent that has been good to us is ChenChen; quite honest and highly recommended! STAND UP TO THESE PEOPLE! DON'T CONTRIBUTE TO THE PROBLEM!

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