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Attention palease foreigners!!!about part-time salary in kunming

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I understand that you do NOT want to be a vindictive person and take actions against this person. However, please keep in mind that this UNKNOWN woman does this for a living - she purposely chooses the foreigners who are here for a short time so she can get what she wants from you and others without paying you because she knows most of these young foreigners have to leave and do NOT have many options in getting their money.

As Hella stated above, they probe you to find out how much you know to see if they can get away with their scam. These people need to be exposed. Names are NOT imporatnt, but phone numbers, complete descriptions, pictures and places where they do their business are very important.

You can even ask the sponsors of this website to run an article on this problem. Include pictures of the locations and the KEY people who are doing this.

Remember, EVIL is always ACTIVE and evil people rely on the fact that GOOD people are INACTIVE and forgiving. If you take time to read all the posts on this forum over the last few years you will find that these people have HURT many people and they continue to do so because no one stands against them.

I hope the people who KNOW about this and other scams can take some time to photograph the locations and the people and expose for them for what they are

tintin (7 posts) • 0

Hello Everyone my name is Lia and this is my number: 13987135400. I would like to make it clear to everyone that I don't own anyone or any band any money. Hella, I don't know who you are or if we even have met but if you really think that I owe you or your friends band any money, please either call me or post on this form why and for what job I owe you money. In all my dealings with these matters I have never had anyone accuse me of scamming money from them and I would rather lose my own money than have anyone believe that I have cheated them.

Also to Beatrice can you please tell everyone who it is that you have worked with as we both know it was not me, and now thanks to Hellas statement some people may believe that it was me you had worked with.

Also Hella, if chenchen is your friend that is fine but trying to ruin my reputation just to help her is not a very nice thing to do. Like I said above if you believe I owe you money please either call me or post here to tell me and everybody why I owe you money.

moondog (15 posts) • 0

i have to say today i worked for tintin and several times before and she always pays us on time.I think somebody else want to put her in a bad daylight.

os.elocin (5 posts) • 0

You are getting paid for being white in an Asian country, for doing sweet f**k all. You get paid more for doing the same thing as local. First world problems. Get over it.

dtedheshidtedheshi (46 posts) • 0

Os.elocin, I totally agree, but that is not the issue. Never let an agent out of your site on the day of your "monkey show" service. Get paid before, during, or directly right after. Its your own fault if you don't. On another note, its a huge shame "musicians" in this town prostitute themselves the way they do just because they are laowai. Done it many times in the past and its just gotten sickening to me lately. Meanwhile legit lower paying bars are lacking real bands because everyone is playing stupid Monkey shows.

beatrice (3 posts) • 0

tintin,right?as i know you real name is Weili,right?before you have a english name is Jasmine,now you change to Lia,good,you always change your name,but,please change your phn too,i do not know you,you did not own me money,but at least i know you have bad reputation,that is why the people thougt you are that bad people.sorry about my bad attitude,i just hear some bad things about you and your bf!! you are totally a lier
ok,the bad agent is a lady who name is Zhaoxing,i can not find her phn, she have a little fat,long balck hair,small eyes,bad english,her email is :zxjj356@hotmail.com,sorry i can not remenber more things.
by the way,i do not know who is chenchen,but i will ask something about her from my friends

EnglishTeacher (101 posts) • 0


Thanks for the information. This may help others in avoiding the problems that you have had. Good luck in your future.

tintin (7 posts) • 0

@Beatrice. Thank you for making it clear to everyone that I was not the one whom you have worked with and the one whom you have original posted on about cheating you and paying you less that you say you have agreed on, I real appreciated it.

However you say I am " totally a liar", why do you say that? As you have said yourself in your post here we have never met and never even spoke one word with me. Is it because my gokunming name is TinTin? Yes it is, I think if you have a look you will see that most of us on this site use nick names, does that make us liars? Yes my Chinese name is Wei li, so what is your point? If I have a Chinese name and an English name does that make me a liar? I think you will find that every Chinese person who has ever studied English has an English name, and also most foreigners studying Chinese would also have a Chinese name, does that make us all liars?

ok, since you talk about my name and maybe other people are also wondering, i would like to tell you about it if you dont' mind: the Pin Yin of my Chinese name is Weili, the last character of my Chinese name is , which means Jasmine the flower, that's why i used Jasmine as my English name from the begining, the reason i changed Jasmine to Lia is that after i had this name and when i was telling people about it, some people who i met they start asking me am i the model agent even though i had no idea about it as i was not doing any model agent job then, gradually i got tired of explaining to people i am NOT the other Jasmine and later on i also continuely hear opionions about her, so to avoid the misunderstanding of people, i decided to change my English name to Lia. About tin tin, it's my nickname on gokunming. i hope i answered your questions, in fact i should thank you for reminding me to make this name thing clear to everybody whom that may be confused. I have never used any other names than the ones stated above.

So you say you have heard some very bad things about me, well I can only imagine these things must have been extremely bad, I mean this " bad agent" " lady Zhao Xing" whom you have originally posted about, whom you have met and worked with, whom you clam has cheated you. Was "so bad" to you and made you so "angry", but yet when some people asked you to post her name and number you said "I don't want to make her info public, even she is real bad but I don't want to hurt her" but yet you didn't have these same feeling of not wanting to hurt me or ruin my reputation? No, you called me "totally a liar" even though you have never even met me and I never done anything bad to you.

Regarding your suggestion that i should change my number, don't you think if i want to cheat people and lie to them, i woudn't already have changed my mumber many times? i have been using this number for over 7 years and i have no reason to change it. you are more than welcome to call me if you like, I always answer.

I have never heard of lady Zhaoxing, but I would love to hear her side of the story before I would call her a "bad agent" as we all know there are always two sides to ever story. You say you can't remember her number. Perhaps you can look on your phone in the recently dilled folder, as you clamed in the first post that you put here you have called her many times and she didn't answer, surely it must still be there.

lovelybird (2 posts) • 0

I thought it was really strange this BEATRICE who doesn't want to expose the details of her bad agent because she doesn't want to hurt her, has called someone she's never met tintin "a liar". Doesn't make sense.

And this HELLA - has not answered any of the challenge made here since her original post. Is she a trustful source? I doubt it.

Let's hear two sides of the story! Where are you lady zhaoxing??

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