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I thought it was really strange this BEATRICE who doesn't want to expose the details of her bad agent because she doesn't want to hurt her, has called someone she's never met tintin "a liar". Doesn't make sense.

And this HELLA - has not answered any of the challenge made here since her original post. Is she a trustful source? I doubt it.

Let's hear two sides of the story! Where are you lady zhaoxing??


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hahaha, well, I can certainly dance to the clean rap and R&B! I always do. Globalization on songs full of F word? Not sure it is a good thing.....
Anyway, have said they are good dancers and good choreography. I just don't like the lyrics!!

I am sure most of time pursuing your dream and do what society is telling you could actually fall into the same path.

Doesn't have to be that radical.

I just don't find this type of music fits with Chinese culture very well.
They are definitely good dancers, good choreographer too.

The dance is okay but I had to watch it mute. The music is terrible. They need to learn this kind of music does not represent the upper western culture!



说实话,我喜欢这里的点心价格也不贵但是有一天我在买回来的APPLE PIE里发现了一根短白发,能不能戴好你们的厨师帽

我也很喜欢这里的SALAD BAR,但每次吃回来都有不太舒服的感觉,我朋友也是一样可能有的READY-MADE SALAD存放在冰箱里的时间比较长吧,希望能保证新鲜