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Video: The Dangsters

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The following video is a recent promotional video put together for The Dangsters by TY Film. In addition to teaching hiphop and other varieties of urban dance at their two studios in Kunming, The Dangsters are also a crew that performs at commercial events and in national competitions.

To learn more about The Dangsters, check out their website or read our interview with choreographer Du Fei (杜斐), aka Phoenix.

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The 5th Element anyone?

I'm a Dangsters' fan, never been disappointed by anything they do, but did anyone else find this video to be, well... terrible, offensive even?


Out of all the things to learn from western culture, why the lowest form of communication? Shit! Pussy! Motherfucker! Copy the good things of another culture! Unbelievable!

The dance is okay but I had to watch it mute. The music is terrible. They need to learn this kind of music does not represent the upper western culture!

Regarding the 'offensive' portion of the soundtrack, it may make more sense or even be amusing to some if viewed in its original context, which happens to be the video for the song 'Windowlicker' by Aphex Twin:


I find it reassuring to see young people in Kunming actually following their dreams instead of doing what society is telling them to do. 加油

The dancing is not as good as in America or Europe. Of course. China as not (yet) a dancing culture, they usually go to KTV and sing songs my gradma would enjoy. So what these guys are doing is very good. Remember, we are in Kunming.

Yes, the video is trashy, but in a very professional way. It is incredibly well shot and cut.

Im not a dangsters fan, i've never seen them before, but I love movies and videomaking. This is probably one of the best videos on this site. It is not easy to do something like this.

I am sure most of time pursuing your dream and do what society is telling you could actually fall into the same path.

Doesn't have to be that radical.

I just don't find this type of music fits with Chinese culture very well.
They are definitely good dancers, good choreographer too.

"They need to learn this kind of music does not represent the upper western culture!"
"I just don't find this type of music fits with Chinese culture very well."

These two lines are so pretentious...

But anyway, we'd be pleased to have some more of your upper western culture music around here so people could keep dancing..

Oh and in this 2nd line, I don't think this dance is trying to fit with your vision of Chinese culture anyway.. Globalization man! Tough times..

I do not see or hear anything offensive in this video. The dance is really cool.

hahaha, well, I can certainly dance to the clean rap and R&B! I always do. Globalization on songs full of F word? Not sure it is a good thing.....
Anyway, have said they are good dancers and good choreography. I just don't like the lyrics!!

Nice group.
They would be much better with a better costume.

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