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Forums > Living in Kunming > Where are all the bellydancing?

It's not belly-dancing, but if you like dancing in general, I suggest you take a look at our new website (English/Chinese):

Our dance studio is located in the city center, at XiaoXiMen (detailed address on the website).


Forums > Living in Kunming > Dance Schools?

Also you got the Dangsters (interview and video on gokunming), here is the address:
Xiao Xi Men, Gui Bei Li jiao Qiao, Dechun Telecom Building, 5F. Room 5009.
And here are the contacts:
Mimane 13759175534
Phoenix 13708433617


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I'm gonna miss The Box's pizza so much!!! You guys are awesome! Wish you the best of luck in the future!! La bise!

"They need to learn this kind of music does not represent the upper western culture!"
"I just don't find this type of music fits with Chinese culture very well."

These two lines are so pretentious...

But anyway, we'd be pleased to have some more of your upper western culture music around here so people could keep dancing..

Oh and in this 2nd line, I don't think this dance is trying to fit with your vision of Chinese culture anyway.. Globalization man! Tough times..

Sounds like a jealous and non-constructive comment.. bring up your creativity so we can see what you are talking about!
"creativity is at the heart of hiphop"..haha!
I'll never forget this wise quotation of yours..



I climb up to the 2nd floor to find the 1st volume of Game of Thrones. I'm followed by one of their employee to check I don't steal anything (Ok, I can understand that they've been people stealing books and that's a problem for them, but you don't feel fine about having someone suspecting you being a thief when you come to buy a book).

I find the 4 volume set and I ask if they have the 1st volume alone. The answer is: "No, you'll have to buy the 4 books". I ask how much is it? The answer is: "the price is on the box". 280RMB. It's seems a bit expensive especially because I had only planned to buy one book originally but hey, I really want it! I get down (still followed) to buy the set and I ask for a plastic bag so I can carry the whole thing. The answer: "It's 2RMB", "I just bought a 280RMB set, could you just give me one?", "No." I bought my set, I left and I swear I'll never come back again. F*** EM next time I'll go on Taobao!