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Moondog will get one in the very near future afaik ( One, two weeks maybe) . There is also one chinese bar at Jian She Lu (建设路) I think the name is 连酒吧


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Kunming will be a different place without moondog. I still remember how Joost and I where standing in the not yet opened Bar after a Monkeyshow, Joost setting up the foosball table, and i was sceptical that the bar would be a success. Kundu already had Movie Bar. But it didn't take long and i loved to go there, have a falafel with a tsingdao.

When I was there 2014, the vibe totally changed, super crowded, but fun and Joost still the same awesome guy.

Wish you all the best for you and your family, keep rocking.

cheers, Sam

The dancing is not as good as in America or Europe. Of course. China as not (yet) a dancing culture, they usually go to KTV and sing songs my gradma would enjoy. So what these guys are doing is very good. Remember, we are in Kunming.

Yes, the video is trashy, but in a very professional way. It is incredibly well shot and cut.

Im not a dangsters fan, i've never seen them before, but I love movies and videomaking. This is probably one of the best videos on this site. It is not easy to do something like this.


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