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Internet Police?!

debaser (631 posts) • 0

as we all know the internet in China is never reliable and we might blame poor infrastructure, ever tighter controls or simply poor service from the providers. it appears that the latest round of restrictions has taken out the proxies that i was using for Facebook for a start. i am also getting more redirects and blocked pages recently. has anyone else had the same problem? on top of it all i can no longer go to and i am instead redirected to the extremely slow HK site. a search tool for Firefox was doing its job of keeping me on the .com site until a few days ago. i rely on the internet to maintain links with friends and family (as many of us do). does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for getting around the controls? thanks in advance!

Dove Guo (7 posts) • 0

Sorry for some inconveniences in China.I feel inconvenient sometimes when need to contact friends abroad.

I used to use a very special software to "jump over the wall".The software could let you go Facebook,Twitter,My space,ect.But it doesn't work right now:(((

So maybe use skype,MSN which are allowed use in China.So that you could see your family via the vedio.

Or you could buy a phone card.It costs from ¥30-¥50,you would have about 60 mintes to 120 minutes.I used 2 cards for a it's cheap.You may have a try.If u do not know where to buy,I could help you.just e-mail me [email protected]

seahorse62 (141 posts) • 0

I can't even get on gokunming without a proxy at the moment. This week's censorship of the internet has been the worst in my 3.5 years.

Dove Guo (7 posts) • 0

Hey lovelybird, because I am a Chinese,and I hope foreigners who come to China would have good experiences,not feeling inconvenient everywhere.

serious_ (23 posts) • 0

get one of the popular VPN-services

Since living here is so cheap, 10 bucks for a smooth VPN is worth it! ;)

Merzei (101 posts) • 0

Bucko, Serious can you recommend a good one then. Freegates fucked now. May have to pony up the kuai as you say

joshwa (67 posts) • 0

quick tip: if you want to stop getting redirected to, visit ("no country redirect"). This sets a cookie in your browser so you will always stay on

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