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Attention palease foreigners!!!about part-time salary in kunming

Hella (5 posts) • 0

I called "Tin Tin","Lia", "Jasmine", "Wei Li" in the days following our unpaid-show...then I gave up...I am a student and therefore should not be working, otherwise I would have called the police. I only write here to warn others; I have no other motives. Thank you and beware of this agent.

Chingis (242 posts) • 0

To clear this up....is this the same Jasmine nutjob who was on here a few months ago ranting like a lunatic? Does this same person also go by the alias 'Tin Tin', 'Wei Li', and 'Lia'?

Or are we talking about someone different?

moondog (15 posts) • 0

we are talking about 2 different persons Jasmine is 1 person and tintin,weilia and lia is another person.i am playing monkeyshows for the last 2 years with an average of 2 every week and i never had any problem with any of this people.get paid the same day or dont do it.700 kaui in kunming,1000 outside of kunming ive they are very short shows we can talk about the price.no fucking around and get your shit together and we all live in peace

beyou (12 posts) • 0

Hella Did you actually play the show? I mean did you actually play the gig? Tell us what show was it and who did you play with? may be someone here has seen you play and can confirm you did it and she didn't pay you. I mean it looks like tintin is worried about her reputation so if you can get people backing you up that you did work for her but she didn't pay you and you can get few people here support you and push her she will give your money back. I mean she has clearly asked you to tell why you feel she owes you money? Come on Hella tell the full story.

It seems very strange that every time moondog works for her, he gets paid but you didn't. Surely there must be a reason why you didn't get paid.

azeem20037 (1 post) • 0

hello dear, i have read your comments here, and you have shared your good and bad experience with us, i personally cheated but many Chinese agents, and they owns lot of money, and i know many foreigners with same situation, so i think we all foreigners should be more careful and if you are doing part time job, then get your money as soon you finish your work or bad agents will start to play games with you, my email is azeem20037@yahoo.com or azeem20037@hotmail.com, we can know each other and share our experience being in china, 18660173171 is my number,

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

There is a very clear difference between having a legitimate complaint and WHINING. For all the parties who have some interest in this matter, why not just go to the place where these shows take place and find the LADY who everyone says is a LIAR. Find her, take her picture, make sure she is the same person who cheated you, be 100% sure and then post her pictures and info on this forum. However, do NOT come here and start making false accusations that injure others and dont come here and begin all this commotion and then say you don't want to hurt others. Well Beatrice, too late, seems like you hurt the wrong people when you started all this - DO the right thing.

Don't expect others to do the right thing - this is why this world is what it is now. Stop whining and do the right thing. You know who this person is - find her - take her picture and post the phone number you have.

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