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Forums > Travel Yunnan > German Friend Coming to Kunming

Hello Everyone,

I have a german friend (he does not speak Chinese) who wants to come to Kunming for holiday/travel, and also will probably want to see Dali, Li Jiang, etc.

My question is, who there be any Chinese Guides to offer help to my friend, either a Private Chinese Person or travel agency to help him. His name is Philip, he speaks German and English, his email is below. He is currently in Singapore and right now planning his trip to China, so if you know of anybody that can assist him with Yunnan/Kunming Travel/Chinese Language help, please email him below right away, thank you.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Boxing in Kunming?

I am an instructor at the Gym, I am usually there every saturday,3pm 


Tai Yang

Forums > Living in Kunming > Acting Pay

Can anyone give me some information regarding acting pay for foreigners in Chinese Films/TV:

1.  Daily Salary
2. Lines vs No Lines
3. Movie vs Television Series
4. Hidden Payments (transportation, bus/airfare, etc.)
5. Small part vs Big part

Ihave been told:

500 rmb/day for Extra,no line part

1000 rmb/day for small line

2000 rmb/day for normal speaking part

Just trying to gather some information, thank you

Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa Renewal, Medical Exam


Upon renewing your Visa in China, do you also have to retake the medical examination every 12 months?

1. Are all Visas (Student, Work, etc.) required to have a new medical checkup every 12 months?

2. Is there an expedited or cheaper way to get the medical checkup done, or does the entire procedure need to be totally redone?



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