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Where to go for a couple of days?

Encrypted (114 posts) • 0

We want to leave tomorrow for a couple of days not far from Kunming.

4 person with own car.

Some relaxing place, not too crowded, maybe countryside...
Nothing like Stone Forest (too crowded and expensive)

Any suggestions?

Fried (24 posts) • 0

Fu Xian lake in the southeast of Kunming is a beautiful and CLEAN lake with plenty of guest houses and hotels. it`s 90 km around the lake so enough space to get lost.
If you ae heading south from the lake you will hit Tonghai and eventually Shiping. also places worth spend a bit time.
Then east towards Jianshui and Gejiu and than north towards Mille (hotsprings) and back to Kunming over the stone forest.

could be a 2-4 day trip by, maybe a bit tight if you only got 2 days.

yadan (13 posts) • 0

I would recommend Hong Tu Di (红土地). It is really close to Kunming and many people have never heard of it. It is one of my favorite places!

Encrypted (114 posts) • 0

Thanks for the suggestions!

I first looked at Hong Tu Di but I read somewhere that is not a good idea at winter (even though it doesn't look like winter at all these days).

I also checked Xishuangbanna and it looked tempting but too expensive.
Fuxian lake is nice but in summer, when it's possible to swim.

The day we left someone decided to go to HeKou, border with Vietnam.
It SUCKS! The only reason going to Hekou is if you are looking for prostitution (there is plenty of that).

We got stopped at the toll gate before Hekou and there are military guys there checking every car. I had problems because I didn't have my passport. We got through because we were going to visit some friends who live there so they had to come and talk with the officers. We were stuck there for like 30 min making photocopies of my driving license and who know what.
It is very controlled.

The next day at night we left Hekou and stopped at QuJiang, near Tonghai, at a hotel with hot-spring. We got there at 23h and had some baths. It was nice because there were very few people. But most of the pools were empty. They also have tennis court, pingpong, tables for majiang, a big swimming pool, billar, etc. The breakfast was awful, only TWO things!

The next day we went to JiuXiang, near Kunming. You have to go towards Shilin but by the old road, not highway (very bad road and a lot of trucks). Like an hour later you will see JiuXiang and then the Jiuxiang scenic spot. There are huge caves. It was nice.

The entrance is 90/person but when you get to the end they will make you pay 30/person for the cable-car. Of course they don't say anything and the only way to get back is by cable-car. That really made me angry.

Kunming-Hekou it's like 6-7hours driving.
Good road in general.
Hekou sucks but on the way you pass trough or near Tonghai, Shipin, Jianshui, etc. and there are some interesting places to see all along.

HaiAmi (1 post) • 0

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Barbara (63 posts) • 0

Get yourself off to Fu Xian Hu. It's a stunner! If you've time be sure to check out Jian Shui but 2 days wouldn't do it justice.

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