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Forums > Living in Kunming > Teacher Hiring Time Again...Beware.

I agree. Everything in Kunming has gotten much more expensive over the years, but English teachers salaries seem to have stayed the same. I see a lot of posts by schools and by native speakers themselves with low prices and this makes it much harder for other teachers to get a good salary. Anyways good luck to everybody trying to find work in Kunming!

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Thanks for your reply. I did look at your website and saw the prices. The reason I asked again is because I have heard many different prices from other people as well so I was wondering if anyone has gone there recently and knows what the current prices are. A Chinese friend of mine said it was only 60 RMB last year to enter pu zhe hei and a Vietnamese friend said it is now 100 RMB to enter pu zhe hei. Thanks again for your response and any tips you have (getting in for free!) would be greatly appreciated.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Bamei Village Wenshan county

I am planning on going to pu zhe hai and ba mei soon. I was wondering if anyone knew what the current prices are to enter these areas? I've heard they both charge an entrance fee, but I'm not sure how much it's suppose to cost. Thanks for your help!


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Interview: A Mei

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Anybody know where to buy their cd's or download some songs?


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