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Hey everyone,
i`m looking for a smaller kindergarten in Kunming where my daughter could speak and learn Chinese and English. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Me and fried would like poetry night to stay at Moondog. I agree that at the weekends Moondog is busy, but from Monday to Wednesday its not so busy. We have the sound system,wifi and free beer for performers.


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It`s pretty sad to hear the above comments (yo dog, Tom). u guys worry about a fucking warm shower while the yunnanese have to worry about getting enough water for their crops and animals.

if u don`t like the winter in kunming (when it is not sunny), fuck off. at least than we safe a bit water.

Yeah, for what ever reason the Dali government is trying to copy the success of Lijiang very hard. Instead of thinking of something different they have to always do the exact same thing Lijiang tried
And come on, you guys got way more resources than Lijiang in the greater Er Hai area.
I seriously worry that the charm which Dali still has will be gone very soon by whatever the government is trying to do.


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