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Attack in Yunnan Comprehensive Technical School?

JanJal (920 posts) • +1

"Police detain a 20-year-old suspect, surnamed Yang, in the provincial capital of Kunming

It is not clear what kind of weapon was used in the attack or what Yang’s motives were

The attacker wounded two teachers and 10 other students, one of whom died while being treated in hospital. The other wounded were not in immediate danger.

The report did not say what kind of weapon was used in the attack."

Wounded "10 other students", and considering the age, I'd spectulate that it was a student of the same school.

Ishmael (448 posts) • -1

@dazzer, maybe I missed it, what is it?
I've heard that comprehensive technical schools in China, or in Yunnan anyway, can be a bit slack and rough.

JanJal (920 posts) • 0

Dazzer may refer to the line which turns my speculation into something that shouldn't have been speculation (at least on my part) at all, if I had not missed it.

The article mentions that the attacker was a vocational college student as well.

michael2015 (618 posts) • 0

News in China on these types of things are typically quickly blocked, to prevent the always rampant mentally unstable doltish copycats, who apparently know how to access news and videos on their mobile devices or internet bars.

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