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Summer camp for primary school

Cindy Lau (1 post) • 0

Hi all, we are interested in traveling to Kunming this summer.

Does anyone know of any good summer schools/camps for kids age 2-7 that will take international students but is mandarin based?

JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

With the developments in extra-curricular education in China in recent years, such schools and/or camps will be limited to subjects like art or sports, or simply daycare for younger children.

In other fields (including Mandarin language) the offering will be extremely restricted, considering they must be strictly non-profit and as such probably focused to serve families in need. They would gladly take the money from wealthier families, but are not allowed to.

But if immersion to Mandarin language is the primary objective, the subject may not matter to you that much. Given the above, there are probably more options to choose from arts and sports, than there were before.

Also considering that less children will spend their holidays at training centers now, there are generally more kids at playgrounds etc. My son can usually spend half a day downstairs at the playgrounds of this gated block, mingling with neighbors and getting all the Mandarin he needs, but this works only because he is ultra social. Lucky me.

This said, now that travel to China is opening up again, I do suspect that near-future trend in extra-curricular education in China (in particular with Mandarin language) will increasingly serve foreign families - or for example Cantonese speakers.

Summer schools educating foreign children and families about the language and culture, even throwing some math or whatever in it, could be both profitable and serve additional interests of the powers-that-be here.

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