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pole dance

dolphin (266 posts) • -5
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Pole dance is basically under the umbrella of sex trade as you are half naked, As long as you don’t delude yourself that it’s an art form, then you have my blessings. Oh, you’re a dude? Hmmm... not sure then.

Weirdness is not necessarily a bad thing. be silly and goofy once in a while. It’s good. Me, I’m goofy most of the time. I wish I could be a Disney character. Not sexy enough for pole dancing. Too hairy.

Dazzer (2701 posts) • +1

lots of people do pole dancing for fitness. its like yoga mix gynastics, but with somthing to hold on was a gym class craze a few years ago

Saraswati (10 posts) • +1

Wow, unhelpful replies. I study poledance in Nanya, the teacher is excellent and the price is very reasonable. It's mostly women but I have brought male friends to class before and the teacher was happy for the change. Generally men can do some of the more physically demanding moves very quickly so she doesn't have to stay on the basics for long.

aerial (3 posts) • -1

Thank you I have been doing pole dance for several years and I would like to exchange tricks. I will be in Kunming after October 15

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