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Forums > Living in Kunming > Sub-letting

Thanks for these replies,

lots of useful input.

Sounds like plenty of hassle...

Airbnb would be easier and I guess less likely to cause problems with the landlord, although also not so legal, right? Anyone have experience renting out a place in Kunming on Airbnb? Any trouble?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Sub-letting

I am looking for a way to spend half the year in Kunming and half in Europe for the next few years, and if possible not to have to look for a new apartment each time I come back. Does anyone have experience sub-letting their apartment for a few months at a time? Is it easy to find tenants and how strict do Kunming landlords tend to be about this?

Forums > Living in Kunming > pole dance

Well that's when I leave but definitely check out this place! Office building C in Nanya, 10th floor. It's called JG Dance

Forums > Living in Kunming > pole dance

Wow, unhelpful replies. I study poledance in Nanya, the teacher is excellent and the price is very reasonable. It's mostly women but I have brought male friends to class before and the teacher was happy for the change. Generally men can do some of the more physically demanding moves very quickly so she doesn't have to stay on the basics for long.

Forums > Living in Kunming > ASUS repair

Thank you all, I found a few places on 圆通北路 and managed to get it repaired. For anyone in future who has this problem, go to a few of the stores offering ASUS repairs, the prices varied hugely for the same fix.


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Every part of this tour was so well thought out, from the variety of food to the lovely gift bag. I learned so much from Marta and Joy and saw a different side of Yunnan food. Can't wait for the next tour!