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Proposed IIT Reform

Geezer (1951 posts) • +1

China: Proposed individual income tax reform — the most significant revamp in 38 years.


The key changes that may affect individuals and/or companies in the global mobility arena include:
• Revising the criteria for determining tax residency status
• Implementing a mixture of aggregate and schedular taxation system to replace the current schedular taxation system
• Amending the tax rates and taxable income brackets
• Increasing the standard basic deduction and introducing additional specific deductible items
• Introducing a unique taxpayer identification number
• Introducing an anti-tax avoidance rule.

The proposed changes, if passed, will signify an overhaul of the current IIT system.

JanJal (1179 posts) • 0


I hope they don't meddle with the 5 year rule for foreigners to become taxable on word-wide income, even if they decrease the annual threshold to be considered tax resident.

Geezer (1951 posts) • +2

More information here:



china IIT reform

The current 5 year rule

is manageable to avoid China domicile but I could not find any mention it would be retained or changed. The KPMG link above mentions the 5 year rule as an unknown item.

I am no longer concerned with China IIT but still get notices of changes and enforcement and will relay them if I get any.

Geezer (1951 posts) • +1

"Is this a good idea or a bad idea?" Kind of a dumb question. It is a change in China's tax law which must be complied with. This reform is entirely within the right and power of China's government to effect.

A wise man once told me, "In China never ask 'Why'" In China laws are laws and rules are rules the 'why' is less important than understanding and compliance.

This IIT Reform is the first major change in 38 years with many changes that affect both Chinese and foreigners. There are hundreds of 'whys'.

alienew (422 posts) • 0

@rejected goods: I'm not sure this is going to Chinese social security, but maybe. Is Chinese social security piggybank in fact 'drying out' (? you mean 'up', right?)

rejected_goods (349 posts) • +1

both. drying up and drying out.

people are abusing the system. city people are abusing the system. they are buying luxury good on their "medicare" account for example. if you can read Chinese, you would find ad/"help" with contact number on the sidewalk/lamppost soliciting people to get cash from their "Medicare" account thru their services. hahahha.

alienew (422 posts) • -1

@rejected: yeah, I understand that some people cheat, but do you mean it's good or necessary to nail down taxation? Anyway, is this social security the most important destination for cash from these proposed reformed tax procedures? How might they affect the overall distribution of wealth, for example?

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