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Kunming "arts district"

debaser (635 posts) • 0

not really. there's an area of old factories that have been converted for arts use just west of Think UK but I can't remember the name and anyway, last time I was there it wasn't very impressive to be honest.

michael2015 (728 posts) • 0

The recent gokm article on graffiti artist (www.gokunming.com/[...] has his digs (I think) in that area. Please contact the article author (Anna Novikova) via Private Mail (PM) for more info.

Her name is at the top of the article, just click on it and then send her a PM.

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • +3

1919 loft. Jingdingshan. Think it's in the listings. Few random galleries spread out, like one inside the metallurgy uni. Nordica is a gallery with a couple of small galleries next to it. It's in the listings. But none of these clusters are expansive like Beijing or Shanghai.

DanTheMan (608 posts) • +2

M60 I think. Right next to 1919. Can walk between the two via a stairway located near Tai Project gallery on the 1919 side.

EasternladyEasternlady (3 posts) • +2

there is Bijiguan 碧鸡关西山 on the road in direction to 安宁。they are workshops for artists there, but you will not meet a lot of them. a lot of workshops are closed. Some friends of mine moved to other places because there are not so much customers coming there because of the location. But now with the line 3 who stops nearby it's easier to go there. At least it's not as M60 where it's more a bar and restaurant place.. Yes there are some artists there but few.There is also 871 where they have a project to have an 'artist area'. I think artist goes where they can have a cheap workshop and showroom.. today saturday afternoon 23.09 there is an activity in 碧鸡关 you can go have a look..

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