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Seeking any bakery or other establishment that sells freshly baked, chewy cookies (preferably of the chocolate chip persuasion). Any leads?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Martial arts/dance/pilates

Hi All! Just moved to Kunming and looking for ways to stay active and meet new people. Anyone know of any martial arts dojos (preferably Kungfu), dance studios (contemporary/modern), and/or places that have reasonably priced Pilates or yoga classes??

Forums > Living in Kunming > Health Certificate

@michael2015 thanks for the update! My company recently got back to me saying my paperwork was rejected...they're asking me to resubmit after getting a TEFL, which I should've had the good sense to acquire even though they neglected to tell me that was needed...

Reading a bunch of old GK threads and wondering if I'll ever get a work visa approved under this new system? Seems like the process keeps getting more and more impossible.

Also this business of having things authenticated...do you know whenabouts in the application process these things will be required? Sent in a lot of paperwork already, but without auth....


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Visited the Kunming Waterfall Park yesterday and was fairly impressed-beautiful views, clean & upkept grounds, lots to see & people watch. Update from the earlier gokunming article profile: the viewing bridge and path behind the waterfall are both now open and definitely enhance the experience. Bring an umbrella unless you want to get soaked going behind the waterfall.

To get there, I took metro line 2 to 司家营 and bus #Z65 to 天宇澜山小区. The 司家营 bus stop is almost directly outside exit B.

Tip: the #Z65 bus runs in a loop to and from the waterfall park, so on the return trip you'll catch the same Z65 bus at the same stops you departed from. Make sure the return bus shows that it's headed back to 司家营 (the characters will show on the ticker outside the bus, or you can ask);occasionally a Z65 bus will drive a different return route through residential.