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Forums > Living in Kunming > Release Letter

Will be leaving China in a few months after faithfully completing my work contract, and behaving like a proper good citizen.

Everything seems in order, but I've been reading some forums about some release letter that should be obtained before I leave. Any info on this?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Leaving your job

Thanks all for the advice. Sorry, I explained incorrectly. To clarify: I want to stay in China for a month after my contract ends. The date of my contract end, and the date of my residence permit expiring (sans renewal) are the same date. Thus wondering if they would still help with the humanitarian visa/extension even if I would prefer not to work in that last month.

Also FYI, I was advised by local Chinese to not give notice, so wasn't sure if that was the culture around here.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Leaving your job

@Liumingke1234 Our relationship is fine, I want to leave the job after my contract ends, but still want their help with applying for the one month humanitarian extension (does that require my employer's involvement?). I am not planning on coming back.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Leaving your job

Wondering if any experienced expats have any advice about leaving a teaching job here? Wanting to return to my home country before contract ends...been advised to not give advanced notice so it won't affect treatment/relationships at work.


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Visited the Kunming Waterfall Park yesterday and was fairly impressed-beautiful views, clean & upkept grounds, lots to see & people watch. Update from the earlier gokunming article profile: the viewing bridge and path behind the waterfall are both now open and definitely enhance the experience. Bring an umbrella unless you want to get soaked going behind the waterfall.

To get there, I took metro line 2 to 司家营 and bus #Z65 to 天宇澜山小区. The 司家营 bus stop is almost directly outside exit B.

Tip: the #Z65 bus runs in a loop to and from the waterfall park, so on the return trip you'll catch the same Z65 bus at the same stops you departed from. Make sure the return bus shows that it's headed back to 司家营 (the characters will show on the ticker outside the bus, or you can ask);occasionally a Z65 bus will drive a different return route through residential.