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Forums > Living in Kunming > Travel w/ Cancelled Passport?

Thanks all, here's what the consulate said + also confirmed through experience by a friend:

If you choose the mailback service, you hold onto your old passport (and can fly and travel etc) until the consulate receives the new passport from the US. The consulate will notify you that the new one has arrived, and you must mail them your old passport. They will then cancel your old passport and send both passports back to you. (Commence various Chinese procedures to transfer any necessary visas/permits from old to new).

Thanks for all the help!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Travel w/ Cancelled Passport?

@ASatiricalBloke haha despite the sarcasm, I appreciate the information.

To follow up though, I'm going to be using their mailback service, so the new passport will be couriered to me in KM. In this case, when would the executing of the hole-punch invalidation process take place?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Travel w/ Cancelled Passport?

Question: So I'll be going to Chengdu to renew my passport (aka get a new one). I am flying in and out of Chengdu from KM within a 2day timeframe.

Called the US embassy in Chengdu, and they said that they will return my old passport to me so I can fly home to Kunming...but this seems odd to me as I assumed they had to cancel (and therefore temporarily keep) the old one?

Wondering if anyone has any experience with this.


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Visited the Kunming Waterfall Park yesterday and was fairly impressed-beautiful views, clean & upkept grounds, lots to see & people watch. Update from the earlier gokunming article profile: the viewing bridge and path behind the waterfall are both now open and definitely enhance the experience. Bring an umbrella unless you want to get soaked going behind the waterfall.

To get there, I took metro line 2 to 司家营 and bus #Z65 to 天宇澜山小区. The 司家营 bus stop is almost directly outside exit B.

Tip: the #Z65 bus runs in a loop to and from the waterfall park, so on the return trip you'll catch the same Z65 bus at the same stops you departed from. Make sure the return bus shows that it's headed back to 司家营 (the characters will show on the ticker outside the bus, or you can ask);occasionally a Z65 bus will drive a different return route through residential.