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Leaving your job

jadorechocolate (37 posts) • 0

Wondering if any experienced expats have any advice about leaving a teaching job here? Wanting to return to my home country before contract ends...been advised to not give advanced notice so it won't affect treatment/relationships at work.

jadorechocolate (37 posts) • 0

@Liumingke1234 Our relationship is fine, I want to leave the job after my contract ends, but still want their help with applying for the one month humanitarian extension (does that require my employer's involvement?). I am not planning on coming back.

debaser (615 posts) • +1

I've had a 'humanitarian' visa. AFAIK it's a similar to an L (tourist) visa rather than an extension of your work/resident's permit. I expect you'll need to pay for it and it might be for less than 30 days - they decided I only needed 14 days and there was nothing I could do or say to change their minds. Not sure what you mean about wanting to '...return home before the contract ends' because in the the last post you say you 'want to leave the job after [your] contract ends'. If I get your meaning you want to go home without informing your employer but then come back? is that right? if there's a genuine reason then you should just talk to your employer. If you leave them unable to cover your classes then of course you can expect them to cancel your visa immediately after you disappear. They can recommend that the PSB 'blacklists' you too... you would never get another Chinese visa anytime soon if they did that (5 years is the usual I think).

Hotwater (201 posts) • +4

I’d recommend leaving correctly. Give your employer at least the minimum 30 days notice as required by law, longer if you feel like it. That they they’ll probably help you apply for the humanitarian visa or if you’re resident permit has a bit of time left they’ll let it run out. If you think you might come back to work in the foreseable future then also get your release letter & recipt to show your work permit was cancelled.

Leaving with no notice just gives employers bad views about foreigners

DanTheMan (571 posts) • +4

I'd do it the right way. First, it's just the decent thing to do. Second, if you ever want to work in China again in the future, having a work permit that was not properly cancelled, as well as not being able to get a reference from your former employer here, could both cause big problems.

tigertiger (4792 posts) • 0

If you want to quit before your visa ends, most employers would want you to work up until the last day you are in China, or close to it. If you have compassionate business to deal with it, and your employer agrees, there is no reason why you cannot just continue to use the same visa until it expire; treated as leave.

jadorechocolate (37 posts) • 0

Thanks all for the advice. Sorry, I explained incorrectly. To clarify: I want to stay in China for a month after my contract ends. The date of my contract end, and the date of my residence permit expiring (sans renewal) are the same date. Thus wondering if they would still help with the humanitarian visa/extension even if I would prefer not to work in that last month.

Also FYI, I was advised by local Chinese to not give notice, so wasn't sure if that was the culture around here.

debaser (615 posts) • 0

you're not 'Wanting to return to [your] home country before contract ends' anymore?
locals can get away with that kind of behaviour... they don't rely on visas and will likely not have to ask past employers for help in the future. They also often get treated as disposable so it's understandable I guess.

IF your employer extends your work visa they remain partly legally responsible for you and so most won't consider it.

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