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Chengdu recommendations

sunjiangyu (22 posts) • 0

I'm going to Chengdu for the first time next month. Any good recommendations for hotels, restaurants/bars, things to do, etc.? Only there for a couple of days to do US consulate business. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

AlexKMG (2385 posts) • 0

Megacity with a subway. Lots of spicy food. Some pretty good hostels. The teahouse opera stuff in the guides is pleasant to wander around. Decent city to just follow TripAdvisor on.

Leshan probably not enough time in a few days total trip. Panda reserve is located outskirts of city.

Dazzer (2813 posts) • 0

if you go for spicy food stay away from the famous tourist streets. overpriced and me and chinese wife were very sick after. find out where locals eat

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

Plenty to do without going too far.

1 - Kuan Zhai Alley
2 - Jin Li Street

Great for the outdoor food courts and people watching.

Hotwater (205 posts) • 0

I'll also recommend the Leshan Buddha. It can be done in a day trip. Stay in any of the hostels and they can arrange reasonable priced trips.

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