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Forums > Living in Kunming > Paperwork documentation for car vehicle purchasing buy

Sorry for the ungrammatical title, thought it would help other people in search later.

Can anyone tell me exactly what documentation is needed in purchasing a new vehicle in China? I.e. passport, visa page copy, household registration? We are here on L visa but about to switch to a Z visa. We live in a smaller town now and the car dealers are clueless about what is needed so I am debating to buy one in KM.

Thank you.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Ruili Visa Run

Just FYI, I called the Myanmar Consulate this morning and asked about if US/American citizens can go across to Myanmar visa Muse/Ruili port, the answer is NO. When I asked the Chinese guard before, they said that China could careless, it is the Burmese side that won't let you in. So there you have it, it seems you can't do it.

Every once in awhile someone will say they were able to get the guards to stamp them out/in without going to Burma. I certainly wasn't able to do it. If you did it, can you offer any advice? Who to talk to? How? etc.

The # to the Myanmar Consulate is 0871-816-2818


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