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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Ruili Airlines

I think it is even more interesting there is a company called "American Camel", which is not to be confused, albeit very easily (cough, cough), with the Camel brand in America.

But back to the Ruili Airlines, the town is too small to have its own airport, especially wiht the Mangshi airport only 100km away (which btw on the current one lane mountain road takes two hours!), when the highways gets to Ruili, then it will be only 1 hour away, not too unreasonable of a drive to airport by Western standards.

It could actual be a good thing (knock on wood), seeing how the current monopoly enjoyed by China Eastern sometimes having people pay more going from KM to Mangshi then say going to Thailand. More competition hopefully means better prices.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Sending money home-transfers

We were able to wire $30,000 to US the other day at BOC. It was pretty straight forward. We went a BOC on the west side with a Chinese friend and told the manager we want to wire money overseas so she took us upstairs to a special teller. They told me the best way is to transfer the CNY to my friend's account, exchange it to USD in his account, then wire it out using his name. So that is what we did, they charged about ¥350 in fees and the money already hit our account this evening. Chinese citizens have a $50,000/year cap in what they can wire out so they told him it would count against that.

Forums > Living in Kunming > looking to buy a ebike that can go 50km/charge

I bought a second hand ebike off 58 before and overpaid. I believe in order to go the distance, you need one with bigger batteries:

See this link to Taobao for 60v bikes:

which the ad boasts can go up to 70km. I never had one so I don't know for sure, maybe someone with an ebike with a huge battery can share?

As for the price, they are about 4000 kuai for the 60v. 1000 sounds rather cheap, I'd be careful, it could be stolen or has something wrong with it. My 2 cents.


Forums > Study > Mandarin slang question

I see Sean1's response are Yunan hua. Another generic Putonghua/Northern response, not too offensive but still close to your goal of expressing shock would be "开玩笑(Kai1 Wan2 Xiao4)",i.e. "you have got to be kidding me"。You know, say it while acting the opposite of being amused.



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