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Paperwork documentation for car vehicle purchasing buy

RayinKM (16 posts) • 0

Sorry for the ungrammatical title, thought it would help other people in search later.

Can anyone tell me exactly what documentation is needed in purchasing a new vehicle in China? I.e. passport, visa page copy, household registration? We are here on L visa but about to switch to a Z visa. We live in a smaller town now and the car dealers are clueless about what is needed so I am debating to buy one in KM.

Thank you.

GoK Moderator (5096 posts) • 0

Are foreigners allowed to own cars?
Or is it the car loan that is the issue?

My Chinese wife had to buy our car, insure it, and register it.

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

Foreigners can most certainly buy a car, why wouldn't they be able to? My company is in the process of purchasing a vehicle for me, which will be a company vehicle but likely registered in my name. I believe foreigners or foreign companies registered in China get a black license plate, rather than a blue one, which has O instead of the normal A A=Kunming that you see.

Once I have more information about the procedures for purchasing a car here, I will update this thread. However, this will likely only be in 3-4 weeks from now.

YuantongsiYuantongsi (717 posts) • 0

Hi, the Black O plates for foreigners or Foreign companies have been done away with for a few years, you will get a normal blue plate.

Assuming you have a company registered in Kunming then if the company can its better to have it registered in the name of the company, in that way if the car is involved in an accident then its the company, not you who will have to deal with any "extra" compensation cases that insurance won't cover.

Also if the car is in the companies name it makes claiming petrol etc easier on the company books.

The car sales people will help with registering the car and getting insurance, as long as you have the company or personal documents needed (Passport, police residence registration at least, not sure of the rest) then it should only take a day or two to get everything done.

You should keep a budget of about 20-30% of the car value for taxes and insurance.

RayinKM (16 posts) • 0

Sorry I was travelling, thanks for the responses, esp Yuantongsi, very informative. I do have a company registration underway, that is good advice on the benefits of putting it under company.


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