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Forums > Living in Kunming > Extending L visa Duration

My wife is giving birth next year and we are on a multientry L visa with 90 days duration that doesn't expire until the end of next year. However, the 90 days is going to be up right around the time for the birth so we are looking for ways to not have to leave the country if we don't have to.

Is there a thing as medical extension to the DURATION of the visa, not the visa itself? I.e. instead of 90 days, can we somehow stay to 120 days or so, legally, without losing our old visa?

Or do we need to forgo our nice old visa and apply for a new, inferior one with 30 day duration?


Forums > Food & Drink > Which milk?

Actually, we have been drinking 雪兰 brand 鲜牛奶 (fresh milk) from Walmart by "New Hope Dairy" the English name is on the carton (which is mostly blue and white). It also says it is "Green Food", i.e. from an organic farm.

It describes as 全脂巴氏杀菌乳 "Whole Fat Pasteurized Milk"
配料鲜牛奶 "Ingredient: Whole Milk"

It costs 9 quai a liter. To each his own.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cars don't need to stop at this intersection?

Thanks all.

@Allpage48. LOL, I told my wife you should never let your guard down, even in the shower, there might be a car or bike coming crashing through.

@Laotou, thanks. I went to their website and couldn't determine the right forum to post there. I was actually thinking along the line of taking these new "your police want to listen to you" initiatives seriously and report it to someone, we will see how that goes.

Forums > Food & Drink > Which milk?

Second 'somewhere', we had luck with '纯牛奶' (pure milk) at the refrigerated section of Walmart (for as low as 8 quai) or your local specialty milk shop. Being refrigerated as opposed to be in room temperature hopefully means it is real milk.

Another confusing part is that the date on the top of the carton usually is the Produced On date instead of the Expiration Date. I'd try to find something made in the last day or two. Beware even Walmart let their milk go bad. We fell for a buy one get one free trick there and both of them expired in a day or two so we had to throw one out anyway. So go by the date on top and don't buy anything more than few days old.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cars don't need to stop at this intersection?

We went to the 眠山森林生态公园 (Mian Shan Forrest Nature Preserve?) today. It was a decent small park west side of the town. On our way back, at the T-intersection of 滇缅大道 (Dian Mian Da Dao) and 人民西路 (Ren Min Xi Lu).

It looks like NONE of the cars stop there southbound at the red light. We did our best to cross and I almost got creamed by a Land Rover.

Are cars not required to stop on red? I know this is China and everything but this is the first time all of the cars are not stopping at the red light, so I am confused. Thanks.


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