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Forums > Living in Kunming > Any jobs available?

OK, I've got to ask. Exactly how does outsourcing of any sort of work to India, China or east bumblef*ck Kentucky affect the job search of someone with a BS in Criminal Justice? I'd guess the usual line of work someone like that might go for (police officer, prison guard, private detective (?), etc.) would not be impacted by any such trend.

Forums > Living in Kunming > treatment for intestinal parasite?

I would opt for western medicine if I were you. One effective treatment for bacterial and some protozoal intestinal infections (specifically including Giardia) is METRONIDAZOLE, also known as Flagyl in the US, 甲硝唑 or jiǎxiāozuò here. This is generally available in the Kunming pharmacies (no prescription required last I checked) and is very cheap - less than 5 RMB for 100 tabs.

Note the precautions (search online) say to avoid alcohol while taking this type of antibiotic to avoid potentially serious, though rare complications.

I used it with good results back in December.

(note, I'm not a physician - if you need to know more or have specific concerns, you had best consult one)

Forums > Study > help with student visas?

As others have said, any good school (Keats, Mei's Mandarin, etc.) will help you with the Student Visa process - in fact my experience at Keats was they did all of the work. I assume other good schools will provide a similar service.

Yes, they will have you pay the fees for the visa itself as well as the medical exam and residence permits that are generally needed if you will be here for more than 6 months. As I will be here a total of 1 year I had to do that. Of course, I might be off a bit on the details of those requirements.

As I recall about 400 RMB covers the visa itself, a residence permit and medical exam for those staying longer costs more. I think I paid nearly 600 or 700 RMB or so when all was said and done, but I may be off a bit on that, it's been over 6 months.

The process is fairly painless (except of course for the prodding and blood drawing for the medical exam).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Ban on smoking starts May 1st

Nope, no evidence of even the slightest attention being paid to the law. I doubt that will change anytime soon. Not a law huh? Hmm... Then it's useless. Or if it was a "true law" and as stated in so many places lacked any defined penalties or definition of who would enforce it it would also be useless. I guess those of us who hate smoking remain out of luck.

Oh well.


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I went to the concert last night. The beginning was a bit rocky with a less than perfect sound system at fault, but things quickly improved and as a whole concert was fantastic. Sinne's voice is powerful yet sweet, JQ's trumpet and bass (and his Chinese intros) along with Janus' drumming and bass were perfect accompaniment for her voice. The pianist who joined them for the concert (I did not catch his name) was extremely skilled and added a lot to the overall performance.

You hear about things like this in Kunming all the time. Some poor laowai lost and all alone, stranded in a land that hasn't yet discovered the grace and beauty of the English language as spoken in its proper form best demonstrated by Americans from California.

When will the Chinese government get off their rear ends and change visa standards so that until China converts to English and the Imperial measures systems no American is allowed entry with passing at least the 新汉语水平考试 level 1???

This is so sad. I hope someone helps this poor fellow out soon. Or at least, for the sake of Salvador's fine staff, gives him a place to take a shower...


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