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I am currently a student there, in fact I came in the fall of 2009 for a few weeks and returned late last year for an extended stay. I think it is an excellent school and the teachers I have had have all been really great. I have only taken the 1-on-1 classes but they also have small classes (I think 6 or 8 students and one teacher). Those are cheaper and maybe good for someone already living in Kunming and busy with other activities, but for me 1-on-1 is far better.

As I am staying there for an extended period of time they sponsored my Student Visa which for me was fairly hassle free (well, ignoring the medical exam).

As for the price, it seems OK to me. But as with anything you'll have to weigh the cost and benefits based on your own needs and targets and of course it always makes sense to look around before jumping into anything regardless of how good someone else thinks it is. It also makes sense to first visit the school in person before deciding if at all possible. Unfortunately that is not really an option for those not already in Kunming.

Of note, they have a number of students who have returned to the school multiple times over a few years, so they must be doing something right. But of course, everyone's experience will be a little different based on how well any particular school suits.

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Yeah, I've had similar problems with Witopia - all servers seem to be affected. A few days ago I abandoned Witopia for ExpressVPN (for 1 month only - hopefully). That service seems to be working fine.

Hopefully Witopia can get the issue resolved soon so I can continue to use my remaining 8 months of service...


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I went to the concert last night. The beginning was a bit rocky with a less than perfect sound system at fault, but things quickly improved and as a whole concert was fantastic. Sinne's voice is powerful yet sweet, JQ's trumpet and bass (and his Chinese intros) along with Janus' drumming and bass were perfect accompaniment for her voice. The pianist who joined them for the concert (I did not catch his name) was extremely skilled and added a lot to the overall performance.

You hear about things like this in Kunming all the time. Some poor laowai lost and all alone, stranded in a land that hasn't yet discovered the grace and beauty of the English language as spoken in its proper form best demonstrated by Americans from California.

When will the Chinese government get off their rear ends and change visa standards so that until China converts to English and the Imperial measures systems no American is allowed entry with passing at least the 新汉语水平考试 level 1???

This is so sad. I hope someone helps this poor fellow out soon. Or at least, for the sake of Salvador's fine staff, gives him a place to take a shower...


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