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Has gmail been blocked?

Maude (32 posts) • 0

I've been having trouble accessing my gmail account for some weeks now, it's been incredibly slow. Today I can't sign in at all, I just get that ominous message 'The connection to the server has been reset'. I can access other sites with no problems. Is anyone else having the same problem?


AlPage48 (1321 posts) • 0

Usually when I see these questions about Gmail I try it and have no problems. I tried before responding and connected OK, then disconnected the VPN and tried again. It timed out!

vagabond48 (75 posts) • 0

Yes gmail has been slow for a long time. I just went online for the 1st time today and after logging in, I got the same "reset" message over and over again. I restarted gmail and was able to get in at least.

AlPage48 (1321 posts) • 0

For some reason time of day makes a difference. I have zero problem with gmail in the early morning or late evening, but afternoon is the pits.

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