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Finished "The Dinner" the protaganist wasn't very likable. But it was interesting, his propensity for violence was drew his wife toward loving him. But the book ended with his son implying that there were more acts of violence that had been previously acknowledged. In fact, the violence against the homeless man at the subway station wasn't even mentioned. So Peter just wanted his son: SUCCESS, that was the alpha and omega of the situation. The means proffered was pretty much irrelevant. And the author mentioned that working as a dishwasher previously allowed him to see how circumstances could make one so low on the status totem pole that people wouldn't care if you lived or die.

Forums > Study > Book Club Kunming

JT: saw your post and decided to check out the book (only about 20% through the text, people go to restaurants and bars to socialize....20% food, 80% socialize....so putting so much emphasis on the ambience and the food seems a strange way to relate to the situation.

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I'm getting an error message from my VPN "could not validate the server certificate". Anybody had this happen to you?

My VPN server says try another one....but I don't know if this if this fault of the VPN or I'm just being blocked.


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I'm only talking about a couple of thousand dollars, not a major investment (so I don't think I want to invest in some life insurance), I can't seem to get the monogram website to load up...or western union, but who knows maybe in the morning....


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115 kilometers is a bit short, usually stages for the Tour de France run around 180 to 200 kilometers. But it would be worthwhile (expense-wise) to have a chance to ride a bike around Yuxi without being hassled by traffic, which is by far the most unpleasant part of riding a bike.

I lived in Wenshan for a year 2009-2010: Local minority tribes would gather at the town center and play cards, play music, dance, and sell various herbs and vegetables every night. Now living in Lijiang, that no longer happens, it just seemed life was more public then, now people are less inclined to socialize in public.


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