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Gaoxing-remember me?

shao1 (15 posts) • -1

Ni hao!

I decided to come back to this forum. My original forum name was gaoxing. Maybe some of you old timers remember.... I stayed in Kunming a couple of months back in the summer of 2010 and complained about it the whole time. I complained on this forum and at Salvador's Coffee House.

I originally came to Kunming to study Chinese and hook up with girls. I was thinking it was going to be like Thailand and full of Chinese girls busting down my door to date me. Quite frankly the place sucks for dating. I ended up getting fed up with the dating scene and the environment in general and went to Hong Kong. I loved it there and actually dated and fell in love with a beautiful Xiang Gang girl. In the end it didn't work out and I went back to the US. I have worked a government job for the past 10 years and have saved enough to do a lean retirement. I went on a trip to Mongolia last year and I really like Ulaanbaatar better than China...end of rant.

Anyway, it's nice to be back on this forum.

duke is me (62 posts) • +1

As an International Playboy, you are saying that Mongolia is where the babes are?

Which is better, in your view: a Yurt, or a Chinese cardboard apartment?

shao1 (15 posts) • -3
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I'll never forget the time I was in Salvadors posting on GoKunming about how most of the expats who went their were very snooty. I was literally sitting at the same table as them posting and they didn't know it was me. They all started talking about it and were getting upset. It was hilarious.

Tom69 (151 posts) • +1

Wow what a coincidence! I haven't been on here in weeks if not months and just a few months ago must have been the first time I've come on here in several years and now we have this blast from the past back, gaoxing! BTW why not call yourself that, or gaoxing1 or something?

And BTW snooty expats isn't just a thing in Kunming. All over China and SE Asia, particularly in Thailand, you have some of the snootiest most irritating expats who do nothing other than complain all day.

Tom69 (151 posts) • 0

You went to Mongolia last year? Must have been very early on in the year, before the borders closed. Interesting story and unusual choice of travel destination, especially for dating purposes though...what made you decide to go there?

shao1 (15 posts) • -3
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Tom, were you one of those regulars at Salvadors back in the summer of '10? I'm sure we crossed paths.

I was in Mongolia (only stayed in Ulaanbaator) from October through November. The weather was great, only snowed once. I hooked up with several girls. I was like a rock star there. Girls were giving me looks, making eye contact, etc. There weren't very many foreigners there so I stood out with my charming looks and personality...lol The girls in Kunming really missed out with me.

I liked it a lot better than China and will be going back once this pandemic circus ends. They don't censor the internet. I opened a bank account there and deposited a small amount of money due to their high interest earning accounts. Opened it a branch in 20 minutes. That would have never happened in China. Most young people are studying English verses Chinese or Russian. It is relatively cheap but I can see it turning expensive due to the influx of the oil, gas and mining industries.

Tom69 (151 posts) • 0

While I did first come to Kunming in late 2010 (arrived in September of that year) and also started going to Salvadors, I didn't make it a regular hangout until sometime in 2011 when I got to know more people. I tended to prefer the French cafe and later, the New Zealand bakery called "Slice of Heaven".

I remember you only from this forum.

October-November 2019 right? Because I doubt you would have been permitted to enter Mongolia after March of last year (2020).

Anyway, I too agree that Mongolia sounds like a very interesting place to visit and once this nonsense ends I would be keen on heading over there.

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