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Forums > Living in Kunming > Any jobs available?

I can't find a job in my home country (USA) and was wondering if it's easy to find one in Kunming. I am thinking about moving over. Basically all of the jobs in America have been outsourced to places like China and India.

I have a BS degree in Criminal Justice (I know I won't be able to work for the police, gov't, etc).

I do not have a desire to teach children English either.

Are there any other jobs I could possibly do in China?

Forums > Study > Want to study at Yunnan Normal University for a cheaper price?

Due to some family issues, I have to leave Kunming so I am looking for someone to take my spot at the university.

I paid 6,500RMB for the fall semester at Yunnan Normal University. According to the university policy, I can't get a refund but I can allow someone else to take my spot.

We can go to the university finance office together next week, preferrably on Monday or Tuesday.

Once the office gets everything worked out, you can pay me 4,000RMB and you would save 2,500RMB instead of paying the full 6,500RMB.


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