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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Traditional houses to rent in Dali?


I want to find a traditional house in Dali to rent for one week for two people at the end of February. Do you have one or can you recommend one?

Please email or give me a call maudecroucher[at] 13769165031



Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone with a UK bank account need RMB?


I have too many RMB and not enough British pounds. If there is anyone out there with a UK bank account who needs RMB please get in touch. I can give you RMB in cash at whatever the exchange rate is on the day and you can transfer GBP directly into my account in the UK and we both save on all the charges. Small or large amounts all OK. Thanks!


Forums > Living in Kunming > air ticket booking has some really good flights, especially round SE Aisa. They deal with the smaller local airlines which Expedia normally doesn't. I remember I got some flights from KM to Hanoi with Vietnam Airways and the price was about half that of buying it directly from the airline.

Forums > Food & Drink > Sprouts

I found some once at Metro but sadly it was in February so I don't know if you'll have any luck before Christmas...


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It sounds amazing. I would love to stay at the Linden Centre but looking on their website it seems that you have to participate in their tour programmes if you want to stay there. Has anyone stayed there without getting involved in their activities? I'm sure they're great for first time visitors to China but I just want a hotel so I can explore by myself. Thanks!


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