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Any jobs available?

shao1 (15 posts) • 0

I can't find a job in my home country (USA) and was wondering if it's easy to find one in Kunming. I am thinking about moving over. Basically all of the jobs in America have been outsourced to places like China and India.

I have a BS degree in Criminal Justice (I know I won't be able to work for the police, gov't, etc).

I do not have a desire to teach children English either.

Are there any other jobs I could possibly do in China?

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

Working illegally, will be on local wages. This would be unskilled work mostly and will pay about 100 bucks a month. This work, if you could find it, would also require you to speak Mandarin.

Because of your degree subject, teaching is perhaps your only option in the beginning. As you have a degree and now is the season of recruiting, you could look at teaching in a university. You will only be teaching English, but they usually pay your flight and provide accommodation in a small apartment.

If you do go this route apply now. Don't restrict your search to Kunming. Also look on eChinacities.com and asiaexpat.com. Both of which have countrywide job pages.

Then check out daves esl cafe (search online), as they have Asia wide job searches. The happiest bunch of teachers I have met seem to be in Thailand. The culture there is much more civilised even if most cities are less developed than the big Chinese cities.

As you apply also do a google search of that school, as there are some employer horror stories.

If you pick a Kunming employer you can always ask about them on this form. People will give you an honest opinion.

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

One more thing.

If you do consider teaching in China, do an online TEFL/TESOL certificate.

They are very cheap, not too intensive, and recognised by Chinese universities. This would help you get jobs in China.

These are usually 80 hours of study in total, they are not recognised as being of much worth by many teaching professionals. They are not too intensive (easy), but they will give you a taste of what teaching English is like and give you a basic prep for your first job. And as I said, they are a piece of paper recognised in China to teach in a Uni.

AuroraCultural (17 posts) • 0

If you are looking for a job, you can send us more information in the career section of our website: www.kmacb.com

We help foreigners find jobs in Kunming for free.
In Kunming, the most in-demand job for foreigners is language teaching(not only for children). There is also the possibility to work for some import-export companies but the salary should be lower (depending of the position).

If you want to teach English, a TESOL certification can be really useful. Also, some schools require TESOL certificate in order to attract more clients.

We offer different online and in-class certifications with support in Kunming. We offer something that adds real quality to the teaching for a really competitive price.


Aurora Cultural Bridge

Shoei (78 posts) • 0

i have a suggestion, look for something or what is the market trend or look for business people or business entity than needs resources or raw materials or whatever they want to outsource or just the idea of outsourcing.

i dont know where exactly you are in the US and the market there but if you are able to do this. well your in a better position for yourself.

JustSomeGuy (23 posts) • 0

OK, I've got to ask. Exactly how does outsourcing of any sort of work to India, China or east bumblef*ck Kentucky affect the job search of someone with a BS in Criminal Justice? I'd guess the usual line of work someone like that might go for (police officer, prison guard, private detective (?), etc.) would not be impacted by any such trend.

EnglishTeacher (101 posts) • 0

I agree. If you come here your choices are very limited unless you plan to open a business here. Maybe that will work. Good Luck!

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

The only other jobs I see for expats, apart from teaching, are:
Bar work
Hotel work
Relocation agent
Insurance sales/financial services.

The latter 2 only in the tier 1 cities, not Kunming.

AuroraCultural (17 posts) • 0

Well, it really depends on your skill level and education background and your own interest.

It is true that the easiest job you can find in China for a native English speaker is to teach English, but there are still chances you can work at foreign affair department of Chinese companies, international schools and international companies.

Or start your own business.

katsen (1 post) • 0

i am from Africa, i have a degree in social sciences, last year i was in Kunming for a biogas training workshop organized by Yunnan normal university, i really liked the place, the weather is good and the food very delicious, actually i would like to come back to Kunming and this time i want find a job there, so is it possible to get where to work from? and what type of jobs are available? i can speak English because its the official language in my country but again i like the chinese language too but i dont know how to speak it.

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