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Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming international clinic

i find it stupid to have a policy of making a appointment first to be able to see a doctor.

sorry its my first time but what ticks me off when i saw the patients list its one patient per doctor per hour?

i already ask the front desk person maybe she can accomodate me since i took a leave from work and im having a hard time breathing due to phlegm worst is if i cough im totally gasping for air.

only to get an answer im sorry nothing i can do pls come back again.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to buy DVD

i would suggest buying those tv boxes if you can. im a dvd addict too but since the internet of residentials have gone faster and people tend to watch movies etc on their computer and tv because even internet companies provide those tv boxes now if you get internet. its so harder to get dvd anymore. last time i bought was at the north where if you see the walmart at bei jing road. you take a left or that intersection wherein you will end up going to yun nan yin xiang or the xiao qu where it was develop by yang li ping.

the dvd shop is in between that area, close actually to walmart. by walking you will pass the small creek or river and its on the right side.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese Thinking "love" young female/old male

in all honesty its tough, aside from looking at the motive and the culture. is it safe to say there are chinese women who actually look for love being first ( companion for life, both can exist, grow old ) compare to security?

i got a american friend who gf was ask by a stranger why is she with a foreigner and questions her nationalism etc.

i also got another friend who is the women who wed her husband which is only 4 years younger than her dad and they are in their forties that one time told me there is no use being handsome its all about the money, the fact that if she give birth to a boy she gets a money reward from the husband and his family.

aside from this, i cant push the blame on the man. i mean who doesnt want to be like or felt loved or worst just to have a good looking young woman beside you all the time.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Smokers (scammers) in Kunming

@laotou, WTF are you saying. im amaze how well verse you are in this field its like you calculated the probability of what instances plus the situation to say what is effective or not

but the guy just wrote this as a form of warning while a lot of people jump in to either offer sympathy or maybe help in what way

of course we cant take away the people that aside giving advise what to do next or should do next time around there are those who are special, its like out of the world context wanna be heard types that needs a podium to a tedx type of presentation.

you my friend are amazing, my hands down to you. even to those who try to analyze further the situation to prove what? that your sense of gut tells you your right.

the person who started the thread is clear already on his purpose, the guy just want to do business in china. he learned his bloody lesson already and its like your 2 cents of advise make him feel better


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dont talk about luck here, i almost won 3x the second prize in a whole lifetime. bad luck is i ave to change a number always at the end of picking the numbers. one was 400k, another was close to 200k and 66k. look at me now still looking at it like im born with no luck

what i know its more effective with sprains or pulled muscles. last time i got a sprain on my hand. when i sprayed it. slowly my hand has some areas wherein it was the most damaged or sprained change colors where i saw either some reddish on some parts and black blue color on others.

its funny how they would revert the matter of making modern sophisticated sewerage system, or german whatever design or neing efficient or not

likewise saying early disaster warning is another one of those famous excuse

bottomline pips, its as easy as declogging the sewerage at a certain time which is easily called maintenance projects

like example every year they fixed beijing road and all sorts of major roads even when its good, but nobody touches the so many years old drainage/sewerage system. im speculating here since we all saw the result.

last time it rain hard where it flooded it was like 6-7 years ago same thing what we are hearing now but i guess some things never change

i think the reason for this push is because yunnan govt probably realize that the money coming in isnt enough.

as you all know there was a news even here that kunming or yunnan funding is almost used up due to its unending projects and city restructure.

i might be wrong here but even though its in anning, the yunnan govt heads still has a part on this and not just kunming.

i hope you guys get what i mean.

mechanical and electronics . . . .

yunnan a place where its more tourism . . . i dont doubt that yunnan has factories . . so your telling me that yunnan has a large increase in this manufacturing sectors . . but at what cost?

i might be mistaken but resources arent that abundant here compare to other places and with the wages on the rise . . hell . . .

there is something wrong here


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