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treatment for intestinal parasite?

sequin (8 posts) • 0

I'm pretty sure I've picked up an intestinal parasite(giardia) during my recent trip to Laos. Has anyone had any success getting treatment here? If so, where?

Actually, I know what medicine I need. Are there any doctors here where you can tell them what to prescribe and they'll write it out for you?

Alternatively, anyone had any success using TCM for this problem?


DanTheMan (614 posts) • 0

Just throw the name or the medication into Google translate to find the Chinese name. I believe most pharmacies here stock that drug and for cheap.

JustSomeGuy (23 posts) • 0

I would opt for western medicine if I were you. One effective treatment for bacterial and some protozoal intestinal infections (specifically including Giardia) is METRONIDAZOLE, also known as Flagyl in the US, 甲硝唑 or jiǎxiāozuò here. This is generally available in the Kunming pharmacies (no prescription required last I checked) and is very cheap - less than 5 RMB for 100 tabs.

Note the precautions (search online) say to avoid alcohol while taking this type of antibiotic to avoid potentially serious, though rare complications.

I used it with good results back in December.

(note, I'm not a physician - if you need to know more or have specific concerns, you had best consult one)

sequin (8 posts) • 0

Thanks for the advice. I actually had giardia about 20 years ago and took metronidazole but had horrible side effects and had to stop taking it. I then took either Quinacrine or Tinidazole...you wouldn't happen to know if those drugs are available here?

mehnyaa (52 posts) • 0

Hey, give a call to the International Clinic. Doctors working there are American etc etc. So u can be rest assured that you are in good hands.
tel : 411-9100

Ian_Kunming (126 posts) • 0

Giardiasis also will go away on its own - I've had it twice and was good after 3-4 days without any treatment. Funny days, though :)

rbusch (26 posts) • 0

Wow. I had Giardia multiple times in India (still not sure if those sugar cane drinks from the street were worth it - they do taste good!).

It lasted weeks for me and took a long time (over a week) to get over it with metronidazole.

On the positive side Giardia does wonders if you want to lose a bit of weight! ;-)

aiyaryarr (122 posts) • 0

I found the link below in GoKunming Forum a few months ago. Type in the English medicine and you'll get the Chinese name. Hope it's useful reference for you. Can't vouch the accuracy or reliability of the translation though.


Jiesi (12 posts) • 0

I think I'm (hopefully) coming to the end of the second bout of this in 6 months. Indeed, it sure is great for losing weight!

However, this does the adverse affect of leaving one rather weak and lethargic, so at the risk of asking a stupid question, does anyone have any tips on how to bulk up again using readily available foodstuffs here in Kunming, please?

AlPage48 (1320 posts) • 0

Many of the topics here on GoKunming are interesting. This one was down right useful!

I had followed this thread from the time it started, even researching Giardia (I don't know why, I just did). This weekend I started displaying ALL of the symptoms of this parasitic infection.

Further research indicates that Giardia can be difficult to get a positive diagnosis and doctors will treat based on the symptoms. I was able to get the names of medications used for treatment, and thanks to the link posted by aiyaryarr above got the Chinese descriptions which I was able to print off and take to the pharmacy. Hopefully the cure takes hold quickly.

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