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Forums > Living in Kunming > Ban on smoking starts May 1st

I see (based on a thorough scientific survey (2 establishments - what, that's not a sufficient sample size?) that the ban seems to be wholly ignored. I am shocked, simply shocked that on this first day of the new rules no one seems to care. ;-)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Ban on smoking starts May 1st

I see the country-wide ban on smoking in indoor public spaces (hotels, restaurants, theaters and waiting rooms at railway stations and airports, etc.) starts May 1st. But given the apparent lack of clear rules for punishing business owners who allow patrons to smoke or patrons who persist in violating the rules, the history of poor enforcement of similar laws and the sheer number of smokers here, I just don't see this having much of an effect.

What do you guys think?

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My experience with both Witopia and ExpressVPN is that have sporadic problems recently and that the secure links seldom stay established for very long (when I am lucky, an hour or two).


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I went to the concert last night. The beginning was a bit rocky with a less than perfect sound system at fault, but things quickly improved and as a whole concert was fantastic. Sinne's voice is powerful yet sweet, JQ's trumpet and bass (and his Chinese intros) along with Janus' drumming and bass were perfect accompaniment for her voice. The pianist who joined them for the concert (I did not catch his name) was extremely skilled and added a lot to the overall performance.

You hear about things like this in Kunming all the time. Some poor laowai lost and all alone, stranded in a land that hasn't yet discovered the grace and beauty of the English language as spoken in its proper form best demonstrated by Americans from California.

When will the Chinese government get off their rear ends and change visa standards so that until China converts to English and the Imperial measures systems no American is allowed entry with passing at least the 新汉语水平考试 level 1???

This is so sad. I hope someone helps this poor fellow out soon. Or at least, for the sake of Salvador's fine staff, gives him a place to take a shower...


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