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Forums > Living in Kunming > getting a visa to come back to china

I (UK passport) had no problem getting a Chinese tourist visa last time I was in Hanoi (May this year). Most of the travel agencies I asked offered the service. They send the passport down to Saigon, and it takes about 5 days.

Forums > Food & Drink > 卤面- best way to have your noodles

Unfortunately there are a few irritating thread shitters on these forums at the moment. Hopefully gokunming will soon have a report button so that helpful forums users can notify the gk team of the kind of pointless negative posting we see in this thread.

It will make the whole site much nicer to read.


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Wonderful! A lovely reminder of Yunnan as snow falls on French soil outside my window.

Mike, A Qin, you guys are beautiful and I treasure your friendship. Sorry I couldn't be there for your wedding, but we'll catch up again sometime.


How pointless, childish, and unintelligent of you.

I'm really looking forward to these new books becoming available. Jim's existing work is incredibly detailed and very readable. "The Exploration of Yunnan" goes in my bag anytime I take a trip.



I've been eating here regularly for a year now and my opinion of it keeps getting better. The staff and owners are lovely welcoming people, and the food is excellent.

It's the only Chinese restaurant in Kunming where I can be confident that I'm not ingesting large amounts of agricultural poison along with my food.

Go there. Often.


I'm afraid that I'm the problem. I'm not the boss, but I bake the bread.

I'm quite inconsistent and unreliable.

The thing is, I don't do the same things everyday and get the bread out at the same time everyday. I understand the danger in this, but I can't stop trying new things. Often, those experiments fail, or go slower than I hoped. But I am learning from them.

I'm trying to organise something so that hopefully, soon, things will settle into a routine.

Please bear with me.


Hard to think of a reason not to give Dune a five star review. The owners are very friendly and provide excellent service, as do the staff.

The noodles are decent, and give one a good impression of the kitchen; I won't be afraid to sample other dishes on the menu.

The main event though is the beer selection, which is one of the best in town.
A great spot to sit in the afternoon sun sipping a good beer.