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getting a visa to come back to china

ela.mei (13 posts) • 0

I have a L visa (tourist) and every 3 (or 5 months) I need to leave China.I'm a EU citizen. I already went to Indonesia and Hong Kong so now I would like to go the neighboring countries - Laos, Vietnam. The problem is that I need to apply for a Chinese visa to come back.
I read on the forum that you cannot get a visa for china in Vietnam, I don't know for Laos... So does anyone has any experience in getting a visa in Laos, Vietnam or even Burma?
And going there by land, I need this trip to be us inexpensive as it can :)

Kirkpatrick (56 posts) • 0

I (UK passport) had no problem getting a Chinese tourist visa last time I was in Hanoi (May this year). Most of the travel agencies I asked offered the service. They send the passport down to Saigon, and it takes about 5 days.

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

A 1-month extension plus an extra entry is available in Kunming, so no need to apply outside of the country. However, if you choose this option, limit your time outside of China as the extension starts on the day they approve it and then is valid for 30 days after that. This means that leaving China for a week and then coming back would make sense but not leaving for a longer period, in which case a new visa obtained outside of China would be necessary.

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

Visa for China can be obtained in Vietnam, but best done through a travel agency. Interestingly, these days you have to apply through Hanoi and not Ho Chi Minh City, whereas until recently it was the opposite (except for residents of Vietnam, who could apply in either city).

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