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Forums > Living in Kunming > getting a visa to come back to china

I have a L visa (tourist) and every 3 (or 5 months) I need to leave China.I'm a EU citizen. I already went to Indonesia and Hong Kong so now I would like to go the neighboring countries - Laos, Vietnam. The problem is that I need to apply for a Chinese visa to come back.
I read on the forum that you cannot get a visa for china in Vietnam, I don't know for Laos... So does anyone has any experience in getting a visa in Laos, Vietnam or even Burma?
And going there by land, I need this trip to be us inexpensive as it can :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Picture framers in Kunming?

there is a gallery - 艺林 - at the corner of 人民中路 and 五一路 a little bit toward east. they are quite ok, but you can make the frames everywhere and the prices vary depending on the frames. I paid for mine (20cmx17cm) about 20 RMB for one.

Forums > Living in Kunming > looking for a quality photo print shop

so i need to print my photos. quality print on good photo paper. i went around kunming but all i found were printing shops and photo studios without good photo paper (or just lack of choice).
i guess there must be a place where people can print their photos - example if they want to make an exhibition or something...
any information would be much appreciated.


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