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Forums > Living in Kunming > Decathlon in Kunming?

A new Decathlon will be opening at the massive B1 level of Joy City (大悦城) Shopping Center on Huancheng Nan Lu. The Decathlon renovation wall is still up.

Same floor level as the new Hema (盒马) supermarket. To follow-up on Geezer's point, the Boston lobsters are alive in their tanks. Though can't guarantee live lobsters prior to cooking for Hema online deliveries (free within zone). 10 methods of prepation now. Prices per lobster have increased to 129, but 50cny discounts for first time customers using the Hema app to order on-site or online.

Joy City listing:


You can't miss the giant Blue Hippo outside.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Birding in Xishuangbanna?

Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden's (XTBG) annual birding festival may have taken place just a few days ago.

Btw, you can buy park entrance tickets online via Qunar (yes, again) for around 70-75rmb. Pricier day packages include various combination of attractions/venues within XTBG that require additional entrance fees.

Also, get a rough idea of xtbg by scrolling down to see wildlife and plant photos shared by numerous Qunar reviewers (highlighted comments and those who've recently visited):


Also, click on "周边" tab to see related nearby parks (tickets also sold on Qunar).

Here is a link to other listings:


There are other parks in the area less man-groomed, though I forget the names. Sina Travel Blog would be the #1 go-to hub for information on such, with embedded, user-generated short vids similar to Douyin/Tiktok. Sina blogs, followed by weibo, are the most popular online travel info destination for Chinese. Tap into that wealth of resources.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Air quality

Agree with AlPage. Those old furniture wood scrapes they burn may contain lots of moldy allergen spores released airborne. I'm guessing.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Air quality

Are you sure wood, not trash or paper money burning? If so, please explain why they (or whom) would burn wood.

Edit: nevermind, to keep warm, duh.


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When I walked down the new Nanqiang Street the other day,

I smiled at the ancestors captured in time.

The continuation of shopkeepers, who embodied the hopes of their fathers. The same fears shared by mothers a generation prior.

While grappling with impermanence, their ancestors smiled back.

The ultimate foundation where our feet stood and smiles met were untainted by age.

Authenticity is a matter of perspective of the beholder.

The evanescent appeals of old Kunming may only be captured in bygone memories and these still photos, but new blood is being transfused.

This is no more evident than Nanqiang Pedestrian St. (南强步行街, GPS 25.034788, 102.714101) where young entrepreneurs are setting up an eclectic taste to this particular pedestrian street near Nanping Jie.

Under rows of lanterns and lights, semi-portable food stalls and novel handicrafts vendors are mixing new flavours to our KM night market scene. A must visit for foodies. The early 20th century Sino-Vietnam train theme is cool.

I expect this site under development to be very popular among younger locals and visitors alike.

I am rooting for Pierre, Aline, Stephane, Virginie, Michael, and all participants of this clinical trial.

Christopher Reeve is still my all time favorite Superman. More super for flying toward his kryptonite, not away.

A viral video will ruffle some feathers.

Unruly visitor at Haigeng Daba was captured grabbing the feet of a gull and not letting go, perhaps hurting the poor bird as it finally escaped. Balantant incidents like these seem to reoccur annually to

our birds.

The perpetrator was reprimanded by other bystanders. Imo, the image of his face should be processed in the police facial recognition database to be formally charged and fined, social credit scored reduced what not.

This type of citizen involvement neighborhood watch may diminish future assaults on our seasonal cohabitants.

It's funny you mention this lemon. Keen observation. I also noticed most are white-headed with a black dot in earlier months, but in February many appear black headed.

Either these black dots grow to cover entire face after a few months here, or the black-headed gulls arrive much later and stay for a shorter duration. My hunch is the former.


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