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Colin, this was just updated 2 hours ago on in regards to yesterday's new guidelines issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand:

"Carriers will be asked to perform health checks of passengers at check-in and passengers will be asked to present health certificates “certifying that they have no risk of Coronavirus Disease”, according to the guidelines, dated March 8 and published on Monday... Passengers who are unable to present such certificates will be denied boarding.

Thailand last week designated the same six countries and territories “dangerous communicable disease areas”, and imposed a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine requirement for people arriving from them. The new rules set a 20,000 Thai baht ($633) fine for people who failed to comply, but there was confusion as to how the new rules would be enforced, or to which countries they would apply."


Forums > Travel Yunnan > Returning from Thailand

Colin, I hope you're not entering Thailand from China ( nor South Korea, Macao, Hong Kong, Italy or Iran). Because if you are, you'd be facing a 14-day compulsory quarantine.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Keep Calm and Carry on

Get ready for a marathon shower & doughnut binge, perhaps at the same time.

Haven't passed by Just Hot as of late, so I can't be certain.

But in case they're closed, other Kunming bakery chains like Jiahua Bakery sell donuts, as do Carrefour bakery. The ones that Homer Simpson likes to eat. Can't be overly picky during an outbreak, now can we?

Bon Appétit seems to be well stocked, though lots of empty containers at Holiland Bakery. Bread Works also open. Latter three bakeries don't seem to have donuts, unfortunately.

Still, an upgrade from your chickens and survivor piggy.

Forums > Food & Drink > Xinjiang/Uyghur Food

At Aegean Mall (Bailong Road) 5th floor across from ice skating rink sits a fancy xj restaurant called 北疆饭店. Both restaurant ambience and waiters are adorned with local custom decorations. A kebab grilling and flatbread baking section is visible behind transparent glass. They are also participating in this weekend 50% event.


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Our collective love for Spring City is what fuels our solidarity. Much love to all.

Kunming Aegean Shopping Mall is now offering surgical masks on their official Wechat account. 50 masks for 120 rmb. Delivered to your door for those who may need them. The price is reasonable considering widespread price gouging on ebay, amazon, and the likes.

Are you back yet JanJal? Your warm donuts and hot shower await.

Exceptions excluded, I speculate younger generations on average harbour more tolerance toward bi/homosexuality than do their more senior peers.

Likewise, I suspect laws that do not favor nor protect gay couples in China are voiced by more senior members of the Central Committee, less so by their younger technocrat peers.

For the majority of Chinese parents in their early forties and under, their children may not have yet reached the marriage discussion age. Perhaps a topic more relevant for parents beyond late forties to early fifties given trend of postponed wedlocks.

Maybe Chinese parents in this age group can chime me on this issue.

Honest communication is probably the best way forward between straight parents and their LGBTQ+ kids. Though I stand to be corrected.

This year alone, I know of four Kunming individuals in their late twenties who arranged fake marriages with their LGBT circles to placate their unsuspecting parents whose always yearning for traditional matchmaking (相亲) for their aging adult kids.

This is filial piety to a fault. And for parents, caring too much about face (面子) among their middle-aged gossip circles.

But at least in this scenario of mutual agreement between newlyweds, both parties are cognizant of each other's true sexual orientation as opposed to deceiving a wife or groom into a lifetime of fake matrimony. Spousal deception of this magnitude has been quite common as well in Yunnan. Very tragic imo.

In the end, the best way to go ought to be honesty and acceptance between respective children and their parents.

Probably easier said than done under current cultural norm for "boomers" and older generation.

Good interview.

Robert evaded the question how he truly felt about KM, nor discussed the meaty issues presented.

From eye test alone, LGBTQ scene seems to be continuing blossoming among Kunming youth scene within last decade, but particularly more so in neighboring province and city of Guiyang. Although still not embraced by majority of conservative elders here, nor by law.

Btw, San Diego State was among the top 10 party schools in USA. Black Beach being the famous nude gay beach there. Miss school?


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